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Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 4

Why? When? Did you possibly say something unliked by Twitter or @elonmusk when you were on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night?

Mike Lindell @realMikeLindell· Feb 4

@elonmusk Please reinstate MyPillow
Can everyone on Twitter please follow me @realMikeLindell and share this post

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 3

There are rumors U.S. Gov recently purchased billions of $ Bitcoin, which made BTC price skyrocket. Did Ransomware attacks last month cause shutdowns at airlines & air traffic control centers forcing flight delays & cancellations & attacks stopped on Ransomware payment by Gov?

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 2

It took a long time but better late than never to the Epik(.com) crooks who stole money from so many domainers, including a little money from myself & lots of money 91k from @KathleenKalaf P.S. What does it mean 'rescinding' Consent Order? @Berryhillj @epikdotcom @robmonster

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 2

I can understand not sharing the domain name while sale is pending but upon payment-in-full being made there's little obvious reason for secrecy.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 1

More crypto firms are going down or shuttering their sites which means if you have NFTs there in all likelihood it's gone. It's because you only have a link to a digital img so if web-page goes down for whatever reason, access to your jpg is lost. The latest one is rally(.io)

Olivia🐝 @tradingchik· Jan 31

Good Morning!

5 Tips To Stay Safe Trading:

1. Have a trading plan and stick to it
2. Set clear and realistic trading goals
3. Diversify
4. Maintain an appropriate position size for each trade
5. Use stop-loss and take-profit orders to limit potential losses and lock in profits

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 31

Very good point Bob. I believe Google correction has not been active as long as assumed and more than a decade ago do not recall it. No doubt it destroyed the market for misspelled or typo domains which did well with traffic and PPC rev long ago but now get little if any traffic.

Bob Hawkes @AGreatDomain· Jan 30

Have no idea validity this thinking:
"making" 1.06 billion results
"makimg" 642 thousand
Suggests blog writers, commenters, etc. make mistake 0.06%.
Maybe 0.06% traffic of correct word.
I think traffic less, though, cause Google correction in search.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 1

Do you ever wonder how many advanced civilizations live on the assumed millions of habitable zone planets which rotate around Andromeda Galaxy's 1-trillion Stars? Some civilizations may be 1000s or even millions of years more advanced than us, depending on the age of their Sun.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 30

After decades of looking for ways to solve that it was only recently I realized (covers most issues) always use a small stop-loss order (placed with broker), risking from 1% to max 2% of equity and place target price with similar risk/reward ratio, trading only a few hrs a day.

Olivia🐝 @tradingchik· Jan 30

Some major downsides of being a trader:

1. High stress levels
2. Long working hours
3. Risk of financial loss
4. Constant pressure to perform
5. Limited control over market conditions
6. Constant need for learning and adaptation
7. Limited social life

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Vicki @Superlunarchick· Sep 19 2022

With more data comes better colour 😍

2 nights spent on this beautiful target now. With a result like this, you forget about the frustrations!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 27

It's hard to understand why ppl still do business with in view of Epik not paying-out for lots of domain sales. I understand @KathleenKalaf is still unable to collect 91k owed for domain sale in Sept and Epik owes lots of $ to many ppl (including myself).

Joe Sniderman @JoeSniderman· Jan 27

Epik used to be one of the best registrars... Now stories like this of renewals just not happening are becoming super common.

Your #domains are not safe with @EpikDotCom

#BeEpik #EpikFail

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 28

It sucks big time seeing your tweet suddenly deleted without explanation and now no one knows why I said that in reply because they don't know who you are and didn't see what you said about the vast sums of money you have in cryptocurrencies and high assets.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 28

We spent vast amounts of time testing micro-mini futures trading strategies on Tradingview and ran into big issues on Heikin-Ashi charts, which we prefer to use vs regular Candlesticks. There's incredible variations in profitability & drawdown, using same data. Anyone know why?

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 28

The weather has been strange most everywhere. For example, where I am its been cold with more 30-degree temps this season vs the last 58-years, plus i'm sure more cloudy and rain days too but only talked about temp on news.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 26

That makes sense to me and is something the WIPO panel should have ruled re many other cases long ago.

Internet Commerce @ICADomains· Jan 26

#UDRP denied. Complainant owns rights in #CAFÉDECOLOMBIA. Held Respondent's offering for sale of a #domain name which comprises a generic or descriptive term, with no intent to target a complainant, establishes a legitimate interest @

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 25

It's a real sad story but where do you draw the line? Lots of ppl have similar or even worse stories. Problem is it would be discrimination to release funds to those who complain a lot with sad stories when there are other suffererers who didn't ask court for favoritism.

Pete No Stop @PeteNoStop· Jan 24

I think special consideration should be given in cases like these... 💔 #Celsius #Celsiusnetwork

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Pete No Stop @PeteNoStop· Jan 24

I think special consideration should be given in cases like these... 💔 #Celsius #Celsiusnetwork

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 24

I remember it like it happened yesterday, the famous "Phoenix Lights" by my front door 3-13-97:

Jasmine 🌌🔭 @astro_jaz· Jan 24

What’s the coolest astronomical event you’ve ever seen? ☄️🌌🔭

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 24

Since I am not a rocket scientist your chart is way too complex for me to figure out but if it works for you then it's fine. Good luck. P.S. My chart typically has just 1 or or 2 indicators which sometimes get confusing!

Market Occultations @marketoccultat1· Jan 24

Here is a look at $XLK using the same techniques from the video

#technology #wdgann @tradingview

guess I'll just keep shoving this stuff out there hopefully, someone notices what I am showing you...

(other than @CrypDoMillions 😉... since he knows what is up)

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 24

We find it real annoying when spending time replying to interesting tweets with carefully worded replies for clarity only to see their tweets deleted but our reply is left for all to view so it's not understood. Someone in particular does that a lot so no longer following him!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 24

I know it's hard to believe but there are some traders who actually use charts that look like that, some of them tweet pictures of their charts as a way of giving trading advice and predictions 😀

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 21

Without benefit of reading any of the story I am sure a lot of the success was from buying the great domain name from the Domain King years ago.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 21

Not sure about the last 2 statements by Mike Alfred (which are odd/questionable) but the first one looks fully accurate based on what I remember). I recall Alex had a positive ema video just before freezing withdrawals) Maybe you were not aware of that going on I am guessing?

Webtrading @webtrading· Jan 20

Is it any wonder the market caps and overall volume is down so much! Who is next on list?

Whale @WhaleChart· Jan 20

Crypto companies that went bankrupt in 2022 and 2023 💀

- Three Arrows Capital
- Celsius Network
- Terraform Labs
- Voyager Digital
- Core Scientific
- Babel Finance
- Hodlnaut
- Genesis
- BlockFI
- Zipmex