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Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 16, 2022

If trading futures you are using contracts, making zero difference if you sell or buy. You can get approx 50X leverage since $385 margin controls 1 micro-mini BTC. Can you imagine how much better you may have done if going both long & short, instead of only buying since last Nov!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 14, 2022

Celsius Network filed for bankruptcy! Why have they been crediting interest on funds since stopping operations? I may be wrong but it may be because unsecured creditors (you) will have higher balances which can result in less overall money per claim so you are being screwed more!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 11, 2022

Is it possible USDC stablecoin may be in the Voyager bankruptcy? The reason that issue is under serious scrutiny is that Circle was the owner of USDC and Circle was acquired by Voyager a few years ago.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 11, 2022

Did you know US Federal Court crypto lawsuits are being filed by those who lost money against places like Coinbase, Binance-us, Solana & even celebrity endorsers based on selling or promoting unregistered securities. Lawyers cost a lot but it can done pro-se for only a few 100$!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 10, 2022

Be sure to watch this video on how smart and interesting it was for Peter Schiff to Expose Alex Mashinsky’s Celsius Scam 7-Mos Before It Imploded... via @YouTube

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 8, 2022 domain name is for sale: More information is in this short video:

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 6, 2022

Bitcoin is still hovering at the 20k level even with ongoing big decline in crypto. As time goes by more and more big players like Celsius, Vauld and the latest Voyager file bankruptcy or stop withdrawals. Are some exchanges next? We estimate BTC to go as low as 5k this year.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jun 20, 2022

Warren Buffett said if he was offered a 1% stake in all farmland or apartments in the US for $25 billion each, he’d write 2 checks. Why? Assets producing gains: rent from housing & food from farms but wouldn’t pay $25 for all BTC in the world which relys on next guy paying more!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jun 14, 2022

Another issue on how NFTs are of no value is if the server where its image file is stored goes down (for whatever reason), or the hosting doman name expires or even gets sold you have nothing, not even digital art, certainly not any real physical art you can hang on a wall.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jun 14, 2022

It was more than insane how much bored apes and others have sold for, especially when you realize you don't own the art-work, only digital images, which anyone can steal with a right mouse click. I would not pay $100 for the million $ apes and other NFT's.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jun 13, 2022

I predicted Celsius will fail long ago after hearing how corrupt Celsius management was with both the Chief Financial Officer & CTO involved in things like money laundering, fraud and even sex charges (by Israel Police) and Celsuis legally owning your crypto in its TOS, not you!!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jun 13, 2022

Everyone seems happy the CFTC is going to regulate crypto and not the SEC, re new Seante Bill. Most think the CFTC is friendlier or easier but the hard truth is the CFTC is significantly tougher than is the SEC.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jun 13, 2022

NEWS FLASH: "Binance has temporarily paused Bitcoin withdrawals on the BTC Network" Isnt that amazing!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jun 11, 2022

Is USDT Tether in danger of collapse with shady characters running both it & Bitfinex, extreme high risk, lots of lies, criminal backgrounds, no audits, backed by risky commercial paper not USD, long deceptive history and much more:

Webtrading @webtrading· May 30, 2022

Is it valid NFT's do not actually give you possession of the actual art but only a digital version so if domain name or server go down you have nothing? The youtuber who said it also had a real a negative old video on Tether, Terra & Luna

Webtrading @webtrading· May 30, 2022

The ETH heikin ashi candlestick daily chart looks even worse with an amazing 46 of last 54 days being RED! As the altcoin leader it makes you think lots of alt coins are or will will crash even worse vs Ethereum.

Webtrading @webtrading· May 29, 2022

My ETH weekly chart reveals 8 consecutive Heikin Ashi red candles and incredible 23 of last 28 weeks red since last Nov. I may be wrong but don't recall ever seeing so much red in the past in any market. With all that red it's quite possible Ethereum may go under the 1000 level.

Webtrading @webtrading· May 22, 2022

Looks like the NFT resale market is getting worse and worse as time goes by. It's amazing NFTs were doing so good for so long based on it being a digital photo which anyone may copy using a right mouse click.

Webtrading @webtrading· May 12, 2022

NFT also seems to be crashing. It's not surprising as NFTs are of dubious value, imo. After all, how can a digital picture have intrinsic value? You can't hang it on a wall or anywhere else, it's only on your computer and can be freely copied by anyone with a right mouse click!

Webtrading @webtrading· May 11, 2022

We are reading reports that COINBASE may be filing bankruptcy. There are several reasons but a big one is incredibly bad customer support. For example, several months ago we waited over 3-mos to get support ticket replies! Are the rumors making the crypto crash worse?

Webtrading @webtrading· Apr 27, 2022

I was reviewing my charts and see most all are at or near extremely low but strong support levels, giving them far more upside potential vs down, making it look like a great time to look at buying.

Webtrading @webtrading· Apr 27, 2022

Have you seen The Righteous Gemstones, season 1 & 2. It is by far the best entertainment possible, and if no HBO it's well worth a free HBO trial to watch all the great episodes.

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 15, 2022

Webtrading is a fabulous name for a trading platform and its domain name is for sale!

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Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 23, 2022

My first personal experience with a "Black Swan Event" happened a few days ago. I ran across a new exchange listing and placed a small order in mid-$20 range. In 2-days the coin incredibly pumped to $50 and dumped to below $10 (all within 2-hours) before going back to mid-20s.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 23, 2022

This is a real-time example on how well geometric angles worked in the past. Keep in mind, they are NOT trend lines but instead are geo-angles which are positioned before it's possible to draw a standard trend line. In other words, the can predict the future!