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Webtrading @webtrading· Oct 19, 2022

We recently made a new web-page named Top-Website-Names where we listed 43 of our 'best' domain names, which are ready for acquisition and use by a new owner. Here is a link to it:

Webtrading @webtrading· Oct 14, 2022

If you are a U.S. based crypto trader it is next to impossible to go short as only long trades are allowed by crypto brokers. Thus NON-U.S. traders enjoy a big advantage. How can you make money being only long especially in bear markets? The answer is to only trade futures!

Webtrading @webtrading· Oct 2, 2022

It's amazing how most businessmen don't hesitate spending vast amounts of money on dubious value limited-time and exposure advertising but don't want to spend more than a few k on a domain which can bring free traffic forever and other benefits, with stored value like a diamond.

Webtrading @webtrading· Oct 2, 2022

We have never seen it discussed how FTX and owner Samuel Bankman-Fried are so successful based on the zillions of dollars available to buy the likes of Voyager and now running fast to buy Celsius? How does he do it when so many crypto firms are losing money big time or bankrupt?

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Domain Salesmen @Domainsalesmen· Sep 17, 2022

Peter Askew @searchbound

Business folks will drop $20k on a 6-month billboard lease.

But balk at purchasing a $20k category-defining .com domain name that drives 200 type-in visits a month in perpetuity.


Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 25, 2022

Are you are a U.S. based Crypto trader and ever wished you can go short (instead of only long trades) on Bitcoin, and also do a low risk trade? Now you can do it for only $25 margin by trading Nano Bitcoin Futures, a new Coinbase Futures contract:

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 24, 2022

We recently had offers to buy 3 very good domains which currently are running on 3 small web-pages: and and however the buyers price was either low or they backed-out so the names are still available.

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 24, 2022

One more thing i've been doing recently is bumping up or down stop-loss orders. Doing it so much it's getting to be fun to often move stops, i.e. a short trade (market not important) initial stop 1685.1 next 1665.9, 1557.3, 1653.5, 1652.5, 1650.2 (stop hit), all in under 24-hrs.

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 22, 2022

In addition to "risk free trading" another discovery which I should have studied years ago is 'DIVERGENCE' which can signal good trades such as today's big 946 Dow Futures swing from 31,119 high to 30,173 and the giant size 1,830 BTC Futures swing 19,910 to 18,080 in a few hours!

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 21, 2022

The feeling you get from making a risky trade (like most trades are) but after a short time that trade becomes a totally "risk free trade" is incredible and hard to put in words. A big regret I have is discovering "risk free trading" recently after decades of trading the markets.

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 15, 2022

It's nice to leave TradeConfident & ridiculous dollar cost average buys, which fail in long term bear markets. The DCA buys (no shorts) used there may be ok for long range investing but not for trading, where he holds trades as long as 8 mos or so to say never had a losing trade!

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 14, 2022

I've been busy studying (with a bit of trading) Micro Emini futures and new even smaller Nano BTC/ETH for several weeks upon realizing full-size futures have far too much leverage/risk and trading crypto sucks big time if you reside in U.S. because you cannot go short only long.

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 14, 2022

ezccindia-dot-org going for 100k is an amazing (or even the most amazing) dot-org sale of all-time, especially if you consider how rare it is for Indians to desire a dot-org and also spend much money buying domains!

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 10, 2022

Agree, "computer guys" (and attorneys) will know that to be so more than others, for several reasons we wont go into at this time.

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 9, 2022

While viewing the long-range Monthly Micro EUR/USD chart was surprised to see 14 out of last 16 bars colored RED with only 2 GREEN bars thru 9-09-2022. It's one of the most bearish looking long-term charts you will ever see! @webtrading #webtrading

Webtrading made repost @DomainNameWire· Sep 7, 2022 domain sold for $852k in unique situation

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 8, 2022

After decades of trading crypto, stocks and commodity futures markets (with far less success than was possible) finally stumbled on the secrets to trading success! I call it "Risk Free Trading by only making Low Risk Trades (which potentially become guaranteed Risk Free Trades)"

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 5, 2022

Question: All the ongoing big "burns" are confusing in that if it's a token with unlimited supplies (or supply is not available) like dogecoin shibainu eth & others, what's the point of burns if developer or whoever can release more at any time (I assume)? It makes little sense?

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 3, 2022

This news is a big negative for the real estate market! There's an incredible natiowide surge in U.S. housing inventory with Phoenix having the highest percentage increase of any city, up a staggering 177%. Source: re:venture consulting

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 3, 2022

There's now a Nano Ether Futures (1/10th size vs regular) with good volume for a brand new contract. Margin only $25. No short-selling restrictions. ETH Crypto like all cryptos are non-regulated, Nano ETH trades on CFTC regulated exchange. Here's 1-hr chart since started trading.

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 2, 2022

Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet in NFT form for $2.9 million however buyer Sina Estavi doesn't own IP to the tweet & copyright still rests with Dorsey. The NY Times sold a story as an NFT for 350 ETH without copyright to article or any reproduction rights. Source: Cointelegraph

Webtrading @webtrading· Sep 1, 2022

It's widely believed support fails after a double or triple major long-term bottom occurs. Comex Gold is a rare exception with 5 major weekly chart swing lows: 3/2021 5/2021 8/2021 7/2022 8/2022 all at 1,700. Right now we are on swing 5 at 1,707. It's unlikely support will hold.

Webtrading @webtrading· Aug 31, 2022

Every market move is from natural law & Cause which existed long before Effect takes place which can be determined years in advance. The future is but a repetition of past. Every Top/Bottom in any commodity comes out in exact math proportion to prior high/low, top/bottom~W D Gann

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Peter Schiff @PeterSchiff· Aug 29, 2022

There still seems to be a lot of buyers for #Bitcoin below $20K. But there are also a lot of sellers above $20K. I think the market runs out of buyers before it runs out of sellers. What do you think happens first?

Webtrading @webtrading· Aug 26, 2022

We recommend you watch this very interesting and informative video, some of it you may find real surprising and hear about for the first time: