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Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 26, 2022

Nifty Gateway Q&A: Q: Does buyer get copyright? A. In almost all cases artist holds rights to copyright and the NFT smart contract still belongs to artist. Just like digital music albums, copyright rights to the songs are still held by the artist/record label company.

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 26, 2022

More Nifty Q&A: When artists sell their digital artwork as NFTs, they usually aren't selling underlying copyrights. The digital art is still owned by artist. Q: What do I own? A. You get some basic usage rights 馃槥like being able to post the img online or as your profile picture.

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 26, 2022

It's truly incredible how people paid zillions of dollars for NFTs when the main thing they appear to really own (according to Nifty and others) are just basic usage rights and little else. Is it any wonder NFT value is very dubious and NFT sales are dropping like a rock!

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 26, 2022

How amazing is it to be short from yesterday and keeping my index short position until this morning just before market tanked so my stop gets hit early so ended up making $6 profit from incredible 1214 point Dow swing from 33,444 high to its 32,230 low! My 30-Min chart is below.

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 26, 2022

To the credit of Nifty Gateway (excellent support) at least they honestly addressed these important issues, unlike Opensea who refused to answer the same questions, instead saying I should consult with an attorney馃ぃ

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 25, 2022

NFT exchange SudoRare a decentralized non-fungible token (NFT) exchange,suffers quick 鈥榬ug pull鈥 just 6- hours after its launch. The 鈥渞ug pull鈥 drained more than $800,000 from the platform. SudoRare went offline on Tuesday, the same day it launched! Source: TheBlock

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 24, 2022

Of course, country dot-com domain names are incredibly valuable with typical values far greater than $1,000,000. This is an opportunity to buy the name of a nation for under $1-million

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 23, 2022

Like Peter Schiff i've also been predicting BTC under 10k soon and expect NFTs to drop near zero as people slowly realize they are of extremly dubious value since they are little more than a non-copyrighted .jpg image

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 23, 2022

Nice quotes: It's hard to beat a person who never gives up~Babe Ruth. If you take no risks, you suffer no defeats but by taking no risk you win no victories ~Richard Nixon. Race of life is not always won by mighty. most rugged, swiftest, strongest but often won by most persistent

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 22, 2022

More US crypto & stock traders should look at futures trading with these advantages: Trade on Regulated US Exchange where you control $27,200 of Nasdq-100 Micro Emini for $515 margin, 52-to-1 leverage. Anyone can go short! Thanks Don @ DayTradingMicroE-MiniFutures for the info馃榾

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 21, 2022

Do you think police will get involved over a non-copyrighted jpg img theft?馃榾Nifty says this: If your NFT was stolen we may stop sale for 7-days. You then get 7-days to get a police report for permanent sale stop. Absent court order or police report we will not prevent NFT sale!

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 20, 2022

Bumble bees are endangered with populations down about 50%. Bee contributions to our ecosystems are momentous; put simply, life on Earth as it is today would not exist without bees. So why do some unkind people kill them for no reason?

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China Dialogue @chinadialogue路 Aug 20, 2022

馃嵂 馃悵 This World Honey Bee Day, find out how a movement of beekeepers hopes to tackle the high death rate of managed honey bee colonies by learning from wild bees and Europe鈥檚 traditional practices.

馃攷 Find out more:

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Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 19, 2022

Does anyone know how to forward an .ETH domain to your website? I'm not able to figure out after spending lots of time looking for how to do it and am guessing maybe it cannot be done?

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 19, 2022

Did you know there's a new ultra-small BTC futures contract with surprisingly good volume? Benefits: Go Long or Short Coinbase Nano Bitcoin Futures, No Crypto Wallet, Good Leverage, just 1/100th Size of Bitcoin, quite reasonable margin, commission & fees, all with far lower risk.

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 19, 2022

P.S. Here is my Nano Bitcoin 4-Hour chart form today.

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Gabriele Corno @Gabriele_Corno路 Aug 18, 2022

I think having an animal in our life makes us better humans

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HAYABUSA2@JAXA @haya2e_jaxa路 Aug 17, 2022

Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Dr Brian May has sent us an image of asteroid Ryugu that can be viewed stereoscopically! In this image, Ryugu鈥檚 south pole is at the top, where you can see topology such as the Otohime boulder clearly in the stereoscopic view 馃憮

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 18, 2022

Size & age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding, lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home ~ Carl Sagan. Webb Telesope image is size of grain of sand held at arm鈥檚 length, a composite looking at galaxies back in time 4 billion years

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 14, 2022

SQuestions for Opensea or any NFT marketplace: A. Was NFT made by a computer (assume answer to be yes). B. Do I get Copyright? C. If no, why not? D. Do I get ownership contract? E. If blockchain img link, its domain or server goes down, is it fixed & who is liable to get it fixed?

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 15, 2022

When we asked Opensea about that they replied with this: "we recommend you consult with an attorney"

It's alleged Opensea must know the answer but wants to avoid saying it because it's real negative.

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 14, 2022

BitMart is selling new Audio NFTs created using (PFP) plug-&-play where users load body/head type, shape & colors in an app which randomly compiles the NFTs. They have same problem as other NFTs made by a computer which cannot be copyrighted thus you have no ownership protection!

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 14, 2022

Winup is a Brandable, Unique & Cool pronounceable short name. Winup would be an excellent brand-name for a new business, a start-up biz or established business doing re-naming or re-branding. Go-Here for more info:

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 12, 2022

Do you see the bearish divergence between price and indicator on this 2-hour candlestick currency chart from today? The divergence is relatively minor but it's there. Assuming you do see it, how valuable do you think it is an indicator to go short?

Webtrading @webtrading路 Aug 11, 2022

One of our best domains listed for sale has a short MP-4 video about it which you may find interesting...