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Baby Doge @BabyDogeCoin路 Oct 25, 2021

Wild #BabyDoge 馃惗馃嵓

Webtrading @webtrading路 Oct 25, 2021

Plaid ACH service is not recommended and certainly is not good by reversing deposits for no valid reason other than Plaid siimply not keeping up-to-date on the changing ways Banks process ACH.

Webtrading @webtrading路 Oct 24, 2021

What's going on with binance US flash crashes?
Shib 10-17, 6AM, H .00002575 L .00001500
BTC 10-21, 4AM, H 65,996 L 8,200
SOL 10-21, 3AM, H 194 L 142
ADA 10-21, 4AM, H 2.29 L 0.42
Doge 10-21, 4AM, H .2576 L .1050
ETH 10-21, 4AM, H 4375 L 2573
MATIC 10-21, 4AM, H 1.63 L 1.34

Webtrading @webtrading路 Oct 22, 2021

Is this a real screenshot or possibly photoshopped?

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Shiba Inu News @ShibalnuNews路 Oct 20, 2021

Just spoke to a @RobinhoodApp employee in the confidence of anonymity. I can鈥檛 release her name.

She told us that Robinhood has all the infrastructure in place to launch #SHIB. Just waiting for the final green light.

Could be any day now. 馃殌

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Dr. Joe Reed, JD, CPA 馃挼馃挵 @DrJoeReed路 Oct 21, 2021

RETWEET! BREAKING CRYPYO NEWS!! Tweeted by @RobinhoodApp and then removed! #SHIB is coming!!! Better buy now before it shoots up! #SHIBARMY #shiba #Coinbase #elon #Crypto #CryptoNews #bitcoin #ETH #btc #doge

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doge @Dogeinvesting路 Oct 21, 2021

     馃悤     馃悤
 馃悤            馃悤
馃悤 $1 $doge 馃悤 
 馃悤             馃悤
     馃悤     馃悤