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Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 18

At this time, MNQ is up strongly at 15,987, so it may hit my predicted 16,570 resistance level soon!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 18

To show how the nonsense by "The Moving Average" "Best Scalping Strategy" is, we are working on strategy with very high +82.4 Sortino Ratio (+2.0 is considered good) but far from profits on any time-frame, any market, every day, as said by TMA which had a -194.0 Sortino, the worst Ratio ever seen by "Trading with DaviddTech"

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 18

An influencer's youtube advice has little to no profit connection, i.e. The Moving Average (673k subs) and "Best Scalping Strategy" says it makes profit any time frame, every day and any pair but when tested by Davidd.Tech its real negative, i.e. minus-194 Sortino (worst Ratio Davidd.Tech has ever seen). How many ppl lost $ trading that nonsense!

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 18

The Nasdaq market is extremely bullish for the past 3-days. I don't recall ever seeing a chart looking so strong, what with 44 of the past 48 2-hr bars being green on the Micro MNQ Heikin Ashi futures chart. Now at 15,705 with little if any resistance until the 16,570 level.

Webtrading @webtrading· Jul 18

When trading stocks, crypto, forex or futures markets, what's considered an above average and good profit factor, sortino & sharpe ratio...

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Whale @WhaleChart· Apr 5

Dubai is tightening scrutiny of crypto license. Requesting additional information from Binance per Bloomberg.

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 13

What's going on with the markets what with Bitcoin Futures opening at 19,980 at 15:00 hours and skyrocketing up over 2,000 points in 20-minutes to 22,055 and other markets like stock indices also up sharply?

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 12

Last night watched a very good movie "The Founder" about McDonald's founder Ray Kroc. There was a domain naming connection when he said a most valuable asset was its name "McDonald's" a family sounding restaurant name compared to a place ppl wouldn't want to eat at named Kroc's.

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 12

That's a big and sudden drop. I think would be much worse if USDC withdrawals by the big players were not paused so may be much worse when markets open on Mon. Probably best to get out of USDC asap but don't go to USDT were a bank-run can also happen.

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 12

Did not know other bank runs were happening!

pjb.eth @Dr_PhillipB· Mar 12

I’ve never seen a bank run in Brentwood Los Angeles in over 40 years — this is at first republic bank branch. People standing in rain

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 12

Similar to cryptocurrencies, far from safe.

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 11

Not at all surprised about USDC losing its $ peg. Over the past few years have heard alleged very negative stuff about both USDT & USDC and some top officers.

IMO, best to get your money outta there fast (if possible).

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 10

Did you see the stock indices markets and other big red bear day today i.e. Dow Jones futures went from 33,002 to 32,190 in 6-hours! Predicted most all markets going way down for ages and believed far too elevated. Bitcoin futures also down to 20,065, expect far lower BTC soon.

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 7

After seeing recent powerful moves up and down in lots of markets it makes it obvious how trading futures are best vs cryptos or stocks. There's no comparison, what with most US traders (except whales) only able to go long and without leverage vs futures 50-1 or more leverage and as easy to go short as long.

Bob Hawkes @AGreatDomain· Mar 6

I happened to be on reading some of the interviews @LeanneMac has conducted. Reread my own ( Some things I would change, but not the advice for new investors I offered at end. #advice #domains #investing

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 4

The whales are stabilizing BTC price after the big dump to attract retail buyers who incorrectly think BTC will soon go up based on long sideways move. Once they get in long again whales can do another big move down. Cryptocurrency traders may not know Futures drop was 1,500 points, not 1,000.

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 3

Anyone else notice the big Bitcoin dump which started about 2-hrs ago, with BTC futures price dropping more than 1,500 points from 23,545 to 22,020 in about 1 hour! Anyone know what happened? I was expecting the dump for a long time but not that fast!

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 28

$94M is a very high asking price for a misspell. When I type in Saudi Arabiya Google corrects spelling but if you use quotes and go with misspell it only has 110,000 returns vs 550,000,00 for the real name, so not a common typo. It makes real country domains look low priced.

Rob Watson @MrRobertWatson· Feb 28

What is everyone's view on a $94M asking price for

Webtrading @webtrading· Mar 3

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 18

imo, a secret to achieve trading success in any market is to always use a (small) stop-loss order, and I mean 'small' i.e. 1% to 2% of your account size per trade.

Olivia🐝 @tradingchik· Feb 17

You: I’m not sure why I’m losing money.

Also You:

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 16

Does anyone know if Open-AI / Chat-GPT purchased Looks like they did based on the recent redirection. If so it makes sense to change their name and branding to "ai" which of course can cause the zillions of 'Chat' domains to drop in value big time.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 13

Possibility Air Force could shoot down an alien spaceship capable of traveling in the cosmos is impossible. A civilization who can travel between the stars would be 1000s or even millions of years older than us with unimaginable technology and weapons beyond our wildest dreams.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 14

Maybe Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch are discussing how to get Pres Trump back on Twitter?

Genevieve Roch-Decter, CFA @GRDecter· Feb 14

Elon Musk is sitting next to Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch at the SuperBowl.

What are they talking about?

Wrong answers only.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 14

If you type-in Rally(.)com the URL address bar today says "this website is for sale" so that means all NFTs hosted there are worthless. It can also happen to your NFT hosted anywhere and already has occured at several larger sites. One more reason to not invest in NFTs.

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Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 2

answering @webtrading

Today the rally main-page is still online but the pages related to NFTs are down or the nft content is gone.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 13

Did you know Chat GPT is integrated in Bing search engine today! But it's light years away from what was expected. Bing says 'ask me anything' but all it does is bring up typical boring list of search results, unlike GPT itself which answers without search results.

For example, if you ask new Bing to code in the Python language a trading methodology it brings up a boring list of websites and resources where you can learn how to code yourself, get advice or hire a coder. Contrarily, if you "gpt-it" GPT instantly puts the actual working code right on your screen.

Being a disappointment is an understatement. Google doesn't need to worry about Bing taking away much search business but I wish it did.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 10

More and more GPT related domains & extensions are being taken. There's not much left for reg fee. It's assumed ppl may soon be saying "gpt it" instead of always saying "google it" so 'gpt it' gets a page of great targeted results instead of lots of dubious value links with ads.

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 8

Traders are developing trading methods via OPEN-GPT ai where you can 'gpt it' to code a trading strategy at no cost however when you 'gpt it' expect lots of coding errors! Look at your Profit Factor, Sharpe & Sortino ratios. This link explains them: >> <<

Webtrading @webtrading· Feb 7

That's interesting. Sadly when trading the markets using longer or shorter cycles it's not easy because cycle being traded may be early, late or goes away.

TheGANNMan! @CrypDoMillions· Feb 7

Markets crashed in 1987
20yrs later crashed again in 2007
The 18.6yr Business Cycle peaks in 2027
#BTC 4 yr Cycle ends 2027
#BTC peaks in 2026 & Crashes again into 2027 all with the 20yr & 18.6yr Business Cycle as per my prior Wkly #BTC Chart! Pay attention to time, not price!