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Glossary of Government Job Terms

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WAE (when actually employed) — See INTERMITTENT SERVICE.


WAGE AREA — A geographical area within which a single set of regular wage schedules is applied uniformly by Federal installations to the covered occupations under the Federal Wage System.


WAGE EMPLOYEES — Also called Federal wage employees or prevailing rate employees. These employees are in trades, crafts, or labor occupations is fixed and adjusted from time-to-time in accordance with prevailing rates.


WC (Without Compensation) — Under certain circumstances, an agency may be authorized to appoint an employee to provide services to the government without pay.


WITHIN-GRADE INCREASE (WGI) — Is an increase in employee's rate of basic pay by advancement from one step of his or her grade to the next after meeting requirements for length of service and performance.


WORK SCHEDULE — The time basis on which an employee is paid. A work schedule may be full-time, part-time, or intermittent.


WORK SITE — of the employee is the place where he or she works, or at which the employee's activities are based, as determined by the employing agency.

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