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Glossary of Government Job Terms

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LEAD AGENCY— Under the Federal Wage System, an agency designated by the OPM to plan and conduct wage surveys, analyze the survey data and determine and issue required wage schedules for a wage area.


LEGAL AUTHORITY— The legal authority is the law, Executive Order, regulation, agency directive, or the instruction under which the personnel action is taken.


LEAVE, ANNUAL— Leave of absence with pay allowed for personal, emergency, and other purposes. With certain exceptions, employees earn or accrue leave at the rate of 13 to 26 working days a year, depending on length of service.


LEAVE, MILITARY— Paid leave provided to Eq = Equivalent Reservists and members of the National Guard under 5 U.S.C. 6323 who serve on active duty. (Military Leave is not available for inactive duty or drills.)


LEAVE, SICK— Leave of absence with pay allowed for employees when the employee is physically incapacitated for the performance of duties; receives medical, dental, or optical examination or treatment; or is required to give care and attendance to a member of his or her immediate family who is afflicted with a contagious disease. With certain exceptions, all civilian employees of the Federal Government earn sick leave at the rate of 13 working days a year.


LEAVE WITH PAY (LWP)— An absence from duty with pay (in sick leave status) granted at the employee's request following the approval of a disability retirement application, or after application for optional retirement due to disability.


LEAVE WITHOUT PAY (LWOP)— A temporary non-pay status and non-duty status (or absence from a prescheduled tour of duty) granted at the employee's request. LWOP-US (formerly called LWOP-MIL) is a nature of action specifically used to document a leave of absence to perform duty with the uniformed services.


LEGAL AUTHORITY SUFFIX— A word or phase added to the legal authority to more precisely identify the circumstances under which the authority is being used or the action is being taken. These suffixes aregenerally abbreviated as shown below:  
  • CAA = Action proposed under civil service adverseaction procedures
  • CLG = Change to Lower Grade
  • Comp = Competitive
  • Decl = Declined
  • Disp = Displacement
  • EAA = Action proposed under agency procedures which are equivalent to civil service adverse action procedures
  • Exc = Excepted Service
  • Inj = Injury
  • Mil = Military
  • Mix = For mixed reasons, (for both conduct and performance reasons)
  • MFD = More than 14 days
  • NARS = No Appeal Rights
  • Nonsupv = Nonsupervisory
  • Nondisp = Nondisciplinary
  • OAA = Action proposed under other adverse actionprocedures
  • OTD = Over 30 days
  • Perf = Performance
  • Preappt = Preappointment
  • Prom = Promotion
  • Prob = Probationary
  • Reas = Reassignment
  • Recert = Recertification
  • Reclass = Reclassification
  • Relo = Relocation
  • RIF = Reduction in force
  • T/F = Transfer of Function
  • WTO = Worker Trainee Opportunity Program

LIFE INSURANCE— The group life, death and accidental dismemberment insurance available to Federal employees.


LOCALITY ADJUSTMENT— means a locality-based comparability payment, or special pay adjustment for law enforcement officers.


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