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Glossary of Government Job Terms

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FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SERVICE — The total of all periods of military and civilian Federal service considered for retirement, reduction in force, and leave purposes.


FEDERAL MERIT SYSTEM — A complete system of personnel selection and management based on an integrated set of personnel policies, procedures and practices designed to accomplish three basic objectives: (1) to recruit a competent work force; (2) to insure a stable work force; and (3) to provide equal opportunity for employment.


FEDERAL WAGE SYSTEM — The job-grading and pay system that applies to most trade, craft, and labor positions in agencies subject to 5 U.S.C. 5342. Under this system, pay is adjusted according to the rates paid by private industry for similar jobs in the same area. Included are Federal employees in recognized trade or craft or skilled mechanical crafts, occupations, and other persons, including foremen or supervisors, in positions where trade, craft, or labor experience or knowledge is the main requirement.


FERS RETIREE — A person retired under the Federal Employees Retirement System.


FROZEN SERVICE — is the total number of years and months of civilian and military service that is creditable in a CSRS component of a FERS employee.


FULL-TIME WORK SCHEDULE — A full-time work schedule requires most employees to work 40 hours during the work week.


FURLOUGH — The placement of an employee in a temporary non-pay status and non-duty status (or absence from duty) because of lack of work or funds, or for other non-disciplinary reasons.


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