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Glossary of Government Job Terms

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TEMP APPT-PER — (Sometimes referred to as "TAPER" appointment) A nature of action that documents a temporary appointment authorized by the Office of Personnel Management in the absence of eligibles who can be considered for permanent employment from a civil service register. The appointment is temporary, pending the establishment of a register from which permanent employees can be selected.


TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT — An appointment TERMINATION-SPONSOR RELOCATING — An made for a limited period of time and with a specific not-to-exceed (NTE) date determined by the authority under which the appointment is made.


TENURE — The period of time an employee may reasonably expect to serve under his or her current appointment. Tenure is governed by the type of appointment under which an employee is currently serving, without regard to whether the employee has competitive status or whether the employee's appointment is to a competitive service position or an excepted service position.


TENURE GROUPS — Categories of employees ranked in priority order for retention during reduction in force.


TENURE SUBGROUPS — Within each tenure group, employees are divided into three subgroups. Subgroup AD includes each preference eligible employee who has a compensable serviceconnected disability of 30 percent or more. Subgroup A consists of employees with veterans' preference who are not in subgroup AD. Subgroup B consists of employees who have no veterans' preference.


TERM APPOINTMENT — Appointment to a position that will last more than one year but not more than four years and that is of a project nature where the job will terminate upon completion of the project.


TERMINATION-APPT IN (agency) — A separation action initiated by either the employee or the agency when the employee (or a group of employees) moves from one agency to another agency.


TERMINATION DURING PROB/TRIAL PERIOD — An agency-initiated separation of an employee who is serving initial appointment probation or a trial period required by civil service or agency regulations.


TERMINATION-EXP OF APPT — A separation action initiated by the agency to end employment on the not-to-exceed date of a temporary appointment or when the employee has worked the number of days or hours to which the appointment was limited. Action to document the separation of a Department of Defense employee who submits a resignation to accompany a military or civilian sponsor to a new duty station.


TIME–AFTER–COMPETITIVE–APPOINTMENT RESTRICTION — The provision that states 3 months must elapse after an employee's latest non-temporary competitive appointment before he or she may be (1) promoted or reassigned, or transferred to a different line of work or to a different geographical area, or (2) transferred to or reinstated to a higher grade or different line of work in the competitive service.


TOUR OF DUTY — The hours of a day (daily tour of duty) and the days of an administrative workweek (weekly tour of duty) that are scheduled in advance and during which an employee is required to perform work on a regularly recurring basis.


TRANSFER — A change of an employee, without a break in service of one full workday, from a position in one agency to a position in another agency that can be filled under the same appointing authority: 5 CFR 315.501 authorizes the transfer of competitive service career and career-conditional appointees to competitive service career or career-conditional appointments in other agencies; 5 CFR 307.103 authorizes transfer of excepted service veterans' readjustment appointees to excepted service veterans' readjustment appointment positions in other agencies; and 5 U.S.C. 3395 authorizes transfer of career and non-career appointees in the Senior Executive Service to career and non-career


TRANSFER OF FUNCTION — The movement of the work of one or more employees from one competitive area to another.

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