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Glossary of Government Job Terms

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"CA"APPOINTMENTS — Canal Area appointments that are made under the Panama Canal Employment System.


CAO (CHANGE OF APPOINTING OFFICE) — Movement of an employee from the jurisdiction of one appointing officer in an agency to that of another appointing officer in the same agency. This usually involves a move from a position for which one personnel office provides service and maintains records to a position for which another personnel office in the same agency provides service and maintains records.


CAREER APPOINTMENT — Competitive service permanent appointment given to an employee who has completed 3 substantially continuous, creditable years of Federal service. In special cases (such as Administrative Law Judges), career appointment may be given to a person at the time he or she is hired from a civil service register. (See "SUBSTANTIALLY CONTINUOUS SERVICE" and "CREDITABLE SERVICE.")


CERTIFICATE — A list of eligibles taken from a register and submitted to an appointing officer for employment consideration or an agency office with delegated examining authority, submits certificates to appointing officers.


CHANGE TO LOWER GRADE (also called "Demotion" and "Reduction in Grade") — Personnel action that moves an employee, while serving continuously in the same agency, to (1) a position at a lower grade when both the old and new positions are under the General Schedule or under the same type graded wage schedule, or (2) to a position with a lower rate of basic pay when both the old and the new positions are under the same type ungraded wage schedule or in a different pay-method category.


CIVILIAN POSITION — A civilian office or position (including a temporary or part-time or intermittent position), appointive or elective, in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of the Federal Government (including each corporation owned or controlled by the Federal Government and including nonappropriated fund instrumentalities under the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces) or in the Government of the District of Columbia.


CIVILIAN RETIREE — A person who has retired from Federal Government civilian employment under any Federal Government-administered retirement system. The social security system (FICA) is not a retirement system for purposes of this definition.


CIVIL SERVICE RETIREE — A person retired under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).


CLASS OR CLASS OF POSITIONS — All positions that are sufficiently similar in (1) kind or subject matter of work, (2) the level of difficulty and responsibility, and (3) the qualification requirements for the work, to warrant similar treatment in personnel and pay administration.


CLASSIFY — To evaluate the duties and responsibilities of a position and assign a title, occupation series and grade.


COMMISSION (Abbreviated as CSC) — The U.S. Civil Service Commission – Now the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.


COMPENSATION — Money paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs for service-connected disability of 10 percent or more.


COMPETITIVE AREA — For reduction in force, that CONTINUED RATE OF PAY — The rate of pay first part of an agency within which employees are in established in January 1994 for an employee who competition for retention. Generally it is restricted by previously received an interim geographic adjustment what is considered a "local commuting area." on top of a worldwide or nationwide special rate authorized under 5 U.S.C. 5305.


COMPETITIVE LEVEL — A competitive level for CONVERSION — The changing of an employee from reduction in force consists of all jobs in a competitive one appointment to another appointment (under either area which are so similar in all important respects that the same or a different authority) in the same agency the agency can readily move an employee from one to with no break in service or with a break of 3 days or another without significant training and without loss of less. The change may be in one or more of the productivity.


COMPETITIVE POSITION — A position in the competitive service.


COMPETITIVE SERVICE — All civilian positions in the Federal Government that are not specifically excepted from the civil service laws by or pursuant to statute, by the President, or by the OPM under Rule VI, and that are not in the Senior Executive Service.


COMPETITIVE STATUS — Competitive status is a person's basic eligibility for assignment (e.g., by transfer, promotion, reassignment, demotion, or reinstatement) to a position in the competitive service without having to compete with members of the general public in an open competitive examination. When a vacancy announcement indicates that status candidates are eligible to apply, career employees and career-conditional employees who have served at least 90 days after competitive appointment may apply. Once acquired, status belongs to the individual, not to a position.


CONSULTANT — One who serves in an advisory capacity to an officer or instrumentality of the government.


CONSULTANT POSITION — A position requiring the performance of purely advisory or consultant services, not including the performance of operating functions.


CONTINUANCE — The personnel action used to document that an employee has received a waiver from mandatory retirement or the extension of the not-to-exceed date of a previous waiver. employee is serving, the authority for the appointment, the position on which the employee is serving, or the not-to-exceed date of a temporary appointment


CREDITABLE MILITARY SERVICE — The total number of years and months of military service that is creditable for annual leave accrual purposes.


CREDITABLE SERVICE — Federal Government employment (civilian or uniformed service) that meets requirements for a particular type of appointment or benefit, such as leave accrual or reduction in force retention.


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