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Glossary of Government Job Terms

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ILIA — An acronym that stands for "in lieu of involuntary action" and is used with certain natures of action.


INDEFINITE APPOINTMENT — One given a nonpermanent employee who is hired for an unlimited period of time.




INJURY COMPENSATION — The compensation and medical care provided to civilian Federal employees for disability due to personal injuries sustained while in performance of duty and due to diseases relating to this employment.


INTERMITTENT SERVICE OR INTERMITTENT EMPLOYMENT — Service when employee works on less than a full-time basis with no prescheduled tour of duty. In the past, "WAE" was used on personnel documents to identify intermittent service.


INVOLUNTARY SEPARATION — A separation against the will of and without the consent of the employee, other than separation for cause on charges of misconduct or delinquency. Examples include separation based on reduction in force, abolishment of position, expiration of term of office, lack of funds, and unacceptable performance (unless due to the employee's misconduct).

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