Learn About Acid Reflux and GERD Causes plus How Reflux Disease may be Prevented and Treated Acid Reflux can also cause "Reflux Pneumonia"

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A good time to start treating and trying to cure your acid reflux is today so don't delay and deal with it now before your 'heartburn' gets even worse... This Acid Reflux Esophagus web-site is about increasingly common Acid Reflux Esophagitis Disease and about GERD, which is rapidly becoming more common and seriously effecting health. Acid reflux disease may be prevented, treated and possibly even reversed or cured by using the latest medical research and consulting with your doctor or physician.

It's estimated over 35-million people in USA and Canada suffer from moderate to severe Acid Reflux Esophagus, including GERD and Acid Indigestion, which health issue is commonly but incorrectly called "heartburn" by the public.

Can the right type of food and eating habits prevent, improve or possibly even reverse acid reflux condition? Scientists funded by the Agricultural Research Service recently studied dietary habits to reduce esophageal cancer, a cancer so serious little more than 10% of those diagnosed have a 5-year survival rate. Other studies have found a strong association between esophageal cancer and acid reflux disease or gesture reflux disease (GERD).

An ARS-funded analysis was performed at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston, and included researchers from the National Cancer Institute. The food scientists looked at typical eating and beverage behaviors of 700 people who were asked to recall how frequently they consumed 54 specific food items. Their responses ultimately formed the basis of 6 common dietary patterns.

The dietary patterns were labeled healthy, high meat, high salty snacks, high dessert, high milk and high white bread. The healthy dietary pattern tended to have the lowest risk of esophageal cancer. That diet was high in fruits and vegetables plus whole grains. Foods eaten in that group were good sources of carotenoids, vitamin B & C plus fiber.

The USDA Food Guide Pyramid (pictured-above) suggests 2 to 3 servings of protein each day from a varied group including poultry, fish, beans, nuts, eggs, and meats. But those in the high-meat pattern consumed about 3-servings per day of red or processed meats alone. Those whose diet fell in the high-meat pattern and who also had lower fruit and vegetable intakes; with 4-times a higher risk of developing cancer of the esophagus vs people on a healthy lifestyle type of diet.

The medical research also reveals heavy meat-eating people have about 3-times higher risk of getting cancer of the stomach. Medical data patterns are somewhat subjective in nature, nevertheless researchers found similar patterns emerged during other research, involving varied populations. More studies are needed. ARS is the chief scientific research agency in the Dept of Agriculture which also has a lending division which can be of special interest to farmers and food producers if looking for Agricultural Credit

Change Your Lifestyle by Avoiding Foods / Drinks Causing Acid Reflux

Many people get hungry because they lack food. Children become malnourished if they are not given the right amount of food which contains the needed vitamins and minerals which make the body strong and healthy.

The fact is, not all foods are healthy. The most popular unhealthy food is 'junk foods'. Just as the word suggests, junk, which means it is like garbage. But many people are still patronizing these kinds of food.

People diagnosed with certain diseases often are given a list of foods to avoid. And this is true with the case of a person having acid reflux. Acid reflux or the GERD is a condition wherein stomach acids go back to the esophagus because of the improper functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter. If this condition is not treated, it will only get worse which can cause serious complications.

You can usually tell if you have acid reflux if you have symptoms like sour taste, burning sensation in the chest or upper abdomen and your throat's back, excessive belching, breathing difficulties, tightness of throat, difficulty in swallowing food, and bad breath.

If you frequently experience these symptoms, then you probably have acid reflux. Visit your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis, so that you will know the severity of your condition.

Start a healthy diet change by keeping a record of all food you eat. In this way you can tell which of foods or beverages cause your acid reflux. So every time you experience that burning sensation, take note of what you've actually eaten. Once you have the list accomplished, put it somewhere where you can easily see it, like the refrigerator. Click-here for Health Tip-of-the-Day.

A lifestyle change may seem rather difficult. Your doctor can greatly help you in your transition. The very first thing that you should do is to set a goal, like for instance eating small meals, while avoiding those above-mentioned foods. Slowly quit smoking and drinking. Of course, you can't expect an abrupt change.

Every time you feel any of the symptoms, you will be instantly reminded that you're on the wrong path. Self-discipline is very much important to attain a successful lifestyle change.

While many people are taking antacids, others are finding it better to stick with the natural way. On the long run, antacids are not that good for your body, even to your stomach. It would be better to start changing your lifestyle, the sooner the better.

Besides, a healthy lifestyle doesn't only prevent acid reflux but other diseases as well. You will gain more benefit in changing your life entirely, especially regarding food eating habits. Eat the right kinds of food at the right amount, and you can stay healthy. Prevent acid reflux, by eating healthy and low acidic build-up potential food.

There are certain beverages and foods which cause acid reflux, and this includes the following:

A change in your diet is the best way to deal with acid reflux. Although at first you may feel deprived of such food, think of what will happen if you continue to eat or drink such beverages and foods.

Acid Reflux Healing from Using Beneficial Natural Remedies

Have you been suffering for a long time from gastro esophageal reflux disorder and having tried all the alternative drugs to no avail? And you don’t even make yourself feel better at all? Then you become sluggish and lose your appetite to go out and meet with friends or other activities?

Most probably you’re just making the drug companies wealthier by patronizing a product which does not heal you in any way. When you become addicted to the prescribed drug, it seems that you can no longer live without it. So put a stop to your suffering and heal yourself effectively. There are better natural remedies that can provide the cure that you actually need. No side effects. No addiction. And with steps so easy to follow. The only thing you have to do is to make it a part of your system.

Studies show that treatment of acid reflux disease does not only fall on attacking the GERD alone, but on treating the whole person. This means that the individual infected by the disease should inculcate a good living habit while taking medicines. The primary habit that must be corrected to outwit the acid reflux is the change of dietary habits.

Since reflux disease involves stomach acid production and its reflux, the sufferer should stay away from certain foods which tend to trigger or aggravate acid reflux. Fatty and acidic foods must be avoided in preparing meals for those who have excess acid production. The same case is true regarding coffee and caffeine, alcohol, and most colas and soft drinks. This will prevent gerd and reflux symptoms, such as heartburn, to occur.

Cigarette smoking must be stopped, especially since smokers (including non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke) can develop emphysema, an often fatal chronic lung condition, and other lung disease conditions. Scientific studies prove how smoking worsens acid reflux disease plus the high lung cancer risk it gives smokers.

Those who smoke on a regular basis are about 75% more likely to get a gastro-esophageal reflux-disease vs people who are non-smokers. And the symptoms of those who are suffering from the disease are more than doubled due to smoking. This also results to at least doubling of the pain they also have to endure.

For almost any body disorder, the chief advice is exercise. Perhaps this universal cure could be so powerful that it covers a wide range of diseases. Exercise does not only keep the body parts functioning properly, more so, it uplifts the spirit. If you feel tired and sluggish and you still confine yourself in a corner, the sicker you will likely get. Besides, the early morning sun is so soothing to strained body systems it can easily transform it to an energetic one.

Modifying a lifestyle includes the avoidance of lying down right after a meal. Enough time must be given for the stomach to properly digest the food before slumber. Also, eating must be avoided two hours before sleeping. And when its time to sleep, there is also a system to be followed: the head must be elevated than the body. The altitude of the elevation must be about 6-8 inches. A great percentage of those who follow this method find a complete relief from the acid reflux disease.

These simple tips will work well in the combination of herbal products. And if you keep a good system of eating, exercising and avoiding things that pollutes you, you are healing yourself better than any drugs can.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits cure Acid Reflux Disease?

Snow white slowly took a small bite of the apple and she fell to the ground losing consciousness. Most children, and even the adults, are familiar with this fairy tale story. It's in fact just a tale, but in real life, the apple can make wonders.

In reality, many people suffer from many diseases; and the worst thing to happen to a person is to die from suffering such disease. But before the situation leads to an unpleasant end, you must be aware that these are still old-time home remedies which really work.

The apple cider vinegar has been used in many homes for many years now. It is proven to cure many ailments like allergies, acne, sinus infections, flu, high cholesterol, candida, chronic fatigue, contact dermatitis, sore throats, gout, arthritis, and acid reflux.

There are a large number of people suffering from acid reflux or the GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This usually happens when the lower esophageal sphincter does not function properly. The contents of the stomach, particularly the liquid, go back to the esophagus. The liquid contains pepsin and stomach acids. The pepsin digests proteins and the acid from the stomach burns the walls of the esophagus causing heartburn.

Experiencing heartburn once in a while should be a cause for worry, but if you experience the sensation more than two times each week, it's time that you consult a doctor.

Acid reflux is harmful once the esophagus' lining is destroyed, so you should undergo medication once you've been examined and diagnosed with acid reflux to prevent further complications.

Acid-reflux and GERD is often treated with over-the-counter antacids, but some people complain it only makes the situation worse or does not help much. If you use antacids, the body will only produce more acids to compensate the decrease in body acids. The reflux may worsen after the dose later wears off.

Apple cider vinegar is now more preferred by people who want a natural way to cure their acid reflux. Going back to natural medicines are also helpful, but it requires patience and time. Natural remedies take some time before you can actually see the effects or results.

A bottle of apple cider vinegar costs between 3 to 4-dollars. It's even cheaper than buying antacids. The best easy cure for acid reflux is in your kitchen. But if you can't find one in your kitchen, look for it in the supermarket.

A recommended amount of apple cider vinegar for drinking is two-tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, diluted in water at least 3 or more times a day. You need a much stronger mixture if you are treating gerd disease.

Some people develop side-effects like a metallic or acidic taste and burning tongue. Most people don’t like its taste, but to be cured, you must withstand its unpleasant taste. The apple cider vinegar really works wonders; in fact, you can find many customer testimonials about the benefits of the vinegar.

It doesn’t matter what brand of apple cider vinegar you choose to buy (most popular is Bragg's) as long as it works. Studies have proved its effectiveness, so don’t hesitate to use it. Perhaps Snow White was better off drinking apple cider instead of biting that big red apple the old woman offered.

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