Using Natural Ways to Treat Acid Reflux

Acid reflux or GERD is a condition in which the acids present in the stomach are pushed up into the esophagus. One of the most common symptoms associated with acid reflux disease is consistent heartburn after having meals. People who suffer from this condition often resort to consuming over-the- counter antacids to soothe the esophagus and stomach. However, continuously relying on antacids to overcome GERD can lead to detrimental effects. Hence, it is recommended to try some natural ways to treat acid reflux disease. Here are some easy tips:

Modify your Diet

You should work towards removing foods and drinks from your diet that triggers acid reflux condition. Spicy and greasy foods, alcohol, aerated drinks and all the foods that are rich in fat should be excluded from your diet. If it is not easy for you to remove such foods from your diet, you should try your best to set up limitations.

Dilute the Acids

Acid reflux mainly occurs because of the acids that are produced inside the stomach. One of the simplest ways to reduce acid reflux is to dilute the acids present in the stomach. This can be done by consuming plenty of water throughout the day. You can also balance the pH levels in your stomach by having skimmed milk or butter milk.

Control your Overheating Habit

When you overeat or gulp down your food hastily, your stomach is unable to digest it quickly. This causes building up of acid inside your stomach. Hence, you should be in a relaxed state of mind while having your meals. Eat smaller amounts of foods so that whatever you eat is quickly digested and will not allow stomach acid to move up into your throat.

Control your Weight

Most people who are overweight have sedentary lifestyle. Leading such a lifestyle can make the extra fats stored in the abdomen can move towards your stomach. This can easily cause the acidic content to come out of the stomach and back flow through your esophagus. Hence, you should make yourself active by giving up your sedentary lifestyle. Start exercising and follow a balanced diet to minimize your acid reflux condition and improve your overall health.

Neutralize the Acids

When acid reflux occurs, you should have things that will facilitate neutralization of the acids in your stomach. Chewing grapefruit skin, garlic, almonds and cinnamon powder (along with bread) after a meal can relieve your stomach and esophagus.

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