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Image of computer monitor If you need information on how the Internet works, or how to design your own web page - you've come to the right place! Use these links to broaden your knowledge about computers - including how to stay safe.

If you were looking for the NetSmartz® programs sponsored by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and the Boys and Girls Club of America®, click-here:

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NetSites for Information & Knowledge

Item Cyberethics for Kids - It's important to be a good citizen wherever you may find yourself, by following the rules of that place. The Internet is a "place" with its own very special rules. People who communicate over the Internet are called "cybercitizens." It's important to learn the rules of the Internet before you log on, so that you can be a "good cyber citizen."

Item FBI Kids Page - Internet Safety - This site has some very important things that you need to keep in mind when you're on your computer at home or at school.

Item Kidz Privacy - The FTC wants you to know some important things about surfing, privacy and your personal information on the internet.

Item National Security Agency/Central Security Service Kids & Youth Page - NSA/CSS works to keep America safe by using the art and science of cryptology: making and breaking codes. The codes we make keep our information protected from our enemies, and by breaking our enemies’ codes we can find out what they are planning and thinking. Read on to learn more!

Item The National 4-H Net - 4-H is the youth education branch of the Cooperative Extension Service, a program of the United States Department of Agriculture. Each state and each county has access to a County Extension office for both youth and adult programs. 4-H is fun with friends. 4-H is learning and doing cool things. 4-H is meetings, camp, workshops, social activities, trips, and fairs. 4-H is leadership opportunities and helping others. 4-H is responsibility and hard work and success.

Organization Sites

Item Computer Ergonomics for Elementary Schools - The Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School Students (CergoS) Net site will show you some simple and affordable ways to make sure that your body is safe and comfortable while using a computer.

Item Get Tech - Have you ever wondered about the world of technology behind the things in your life? Technology is EVERYWHERE! From the moment your alarm goes off in the morning -- until you turn off your light at night -- there is a behind-the-scenes world you never imagined! Click here and learn about the technology in their world -- and the opportunities for your future!

Item Girls Go Tech - Girls in Science, Technology and Math - During your lifetime you will have to depend more and more on your understanding of these subjects, but you'll be surprised how much fun you can have, and are already having, with math, science, and technology.

Item Global Schoolhouse - This great site has fun sections like Project Registry (more than 700 online collaborative projects, organized by topic, grade, and project date), GeoGame (helping students learn about our world, its maps, and its people), and Field Trips (students share their discoveries during real-life field trips, while distant classrooms follow along).

Item Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century - How many of the 20th century's greatest engineering achievements will you use today? A car? Computer? Telephone? Explore our list of the top 20 achievements, and learn how engineering shaped a century and changed the world.

Item History of the Internet - This site lists different places where you can find the history of the Internet.

Item Internet Public Library - Computers and the Internet - Learn how to find things, have fun, and be safe on the Internet.

Item i-SAFE for Kids and Teens - i-SAFE educates and empowers young people to safely and responsibly take control of their online experiences.

Item Me Kids & Music - About PC Music for Kids, If you love music yourself, why not listen to music with your kids? It will bring you closer together, and strengthen the bond you have with your kid! Music is an excellent tool to improve your relationship with your children!

Item Net Day - NetDay's mission is to help educators "think beyond" the technical connections of computers and the-Web to educational results, and to connect people by creating environments where the magic is learning for everyone.

Item PBS Kids - Did you know? - An online space for kids to interact, learn and play with their favorite PBS characters! PBS Kids producers works closely with educational advisors when developing content for this kids website.

Item The Obsolete Computer Museum - This site is just a place to stop by and reminisce about the old days of personal computing. It's by no means a definitive guide to any of these wonders of the near past.

Commercial Sites

Item BrainPOP - Technology - Watch animated movies about inventions, innovations and discoveries.

Item Classroom Connect - Content that clicks! Dedicated to making Internet Learning a reality in the K - 12 classroom.

Item Computer Lessons for Kids and Small Adults - Wanna learn how a computer works and why? Explore how a Dad and his daughter learn this intriguing program.

Item Disney's Surf Swell Island - You and your child can follow Mickey and friends around the island to learn about privacy issues, online manners, viruses, and more.

Item Gagglenet - Hundreds of classrooms now use the Gaggle Network to provide safe, teacher-controlled e-mail accounts for students.

Item HealthyComputing - A resource for computer ergonomics & safety information, including workstation setup guides, encyclopedias of computer-related medical conditions, and more

Item Kids Domain - This is a site for Kids and the people who help teach them and care for them. All of the major contributors to the site are parents.

Item Lissa Explains it All - Lissa Explains it All is colorful and fun approach to learning HTML especially for kids (and the young at heart).

Item Safe Surfing with Your Family - "Safe surfing" is a family affair. As a parent, it's all about being informed, Internet savvy, and open to the possibilities of the online world for you and your child.

Item School Clubs - The School Clubs site is a resource for students, teachers, parents, technology coordinators and webmasters in schools who would like to help students create or work on their school's web site by creating a club or special technology projects group.

Item Tek Camp for Kids - This site has many adventures and games while teaching you about getting around the Internet safely.

Item Whatis?com - The IT-Specific Encyclopedia -® is a knowledge exploration tool about computer information technology, especially about the Web and computers. It contains over 2,000 individual encyclopedic definition/topics and a number of quick-reference pages.

Item Sports - Take a look at pictures from around the world, learn about kids sports and get the latest on theme parks, get help with school homework and more.