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Image of boy on bigwater tricycle Is your family thinking of planning a vacation? Here are some great sites that have plenty of stuff to do outdoors. I know it's means peeling yourself away from our web site, but we know you'll be back!

If you were looking for the NetSmartz® programs sponsored by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and the Boys and Girls Club of America® click-here:

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Recreational Activities NetSites

Item BAM! - was created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to answer kids' questions on health issues and recommend ways to make their bodies and minds healthier, stronger, and safer.

Item Coast Guard Coloring and Activity Books - Get your very own "The True Story of Inky the Whale" and "Water 'n Kids" coloring book. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Item Bobber Home Page - Bobber is an animated robotic cartoon character that travels around the country to talk to children about water safety. Check out his water safety quiz!

Item Learn NPS - Here you'll find curriculum, fun and games, a guide to park Junior Ranger programs and a host of other fun and educational media created by the National Park Service and our partners.

Item Park Net - Take a tour through the National Park System, explore historical place and learn about natural resources in our parks.

Item - is a one-stop source for information about recreation on federal lands. Get tips on where to go boating, camping, fishing or skiing and more.

Item USA Freedom Corps Kids - Here are some volunteer ideas on this site to help you find ways to help in your community. You may already know the things you would like to do to help - like working with animals at an animal shelter, helping your neighbors or keeping our environment clean.

Item USAF Services YouthLink - This document is a news letter for kids and parents.

Item NetRangers - If you go to a national park, you can join a Junior Ranger program. There are three levels of activities, grouped by age. The activities are grouped into "Ranger Stations." Complete all of the activities in one ranger station to qualify for an award.

Item Yellowstone National Park Just for Kids - Test your knowledge about Yellowstone National Park. Learn about different animals, plan a visit and learn about the history of the park.

Organization Sites

Item Girls Only - Girl Scout Central - Girls Only is a fun and exciting Net site for girls 5-11. Brought to you by Girl Scouts of the USA, the site is a safe place for girls to play games, take quizzes, ask questions, share their favorite stories, or send e-cards to friends and family.

Item Safe Boating Council - Here you will pick up tips on boating education and safety awareness and more.

Education Sites

Item A Walk In the Woods - Walk in the Woods is designed for students to gain an appreciation of nature. Sometimes students are not able to go to a forest preserve or woods, so this brings the woods to you.

Commercial Sites

Item Boating Sidekicks - Quiz yourself on the different types of floatation devices and boats, find out how long you can hold your breath, learn that different parts of a boat and what boating signals mean.

Item Going Green - Learn about environment-friendly technologies and what you can do to help the environment.

Item Kids Post - Read articles about current events and entertainment, get Brain Food for homework help, and have fun with games, polls, online discussions, and more from The Washington Post.

Item On the American Trail - Are you a nature lover? Then lace up your hiking boots and take a virtual tramp through America's Millennium Trails! Check out the interactive map for information and photos, or search for a trail based on the outdoor activities that interest you.