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Image of fireman Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a veterinarian? What about joining the Air Force? These links will lead you to information on different careers - your future is waiting!

If you were looking for the NetSmartz® programs sponsored by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and the Boys and Girls Club of America®, click-here:

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Career NetSites for Information

Item Career Voyages - A successful career starts with a good high school education. Work experience, on-the-job training, associate degrees, vocational certifications, as well as 4-year college degrees can all lead to good-paying jobs with rewarding futures. This site shows you how to start exploring different career options.

Item Education and Careers in Transportation - This site of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Department of Transportation is designed to interest students of all ages in the Transportation Industry. It includes information, as well as fun puzzlers, activities and things to think about.

Item Girl Power - Girls at Work - This site features information on careers for women in the science and technology fields.

Item Life Works - Office of Science Education - Learn about different health and medical science careers. You can read "Success Stories" which are interviews with real people in various job positions, such as science writer, health educator, medical scientist and much more.

Item Scientists in Action - News about careers in the natural sciences. Includes careers in mapping the planets, sampling the ocean floor, protecting wildlife, and forecasting volcanic eruptions.

Item The Federal Courtroom - A look inside the Federal Courtroom with the U.S. Attorneys office.

Item U.S. Department of State for Youth - Although headquartered in Washington, DC, the Department of State's embassies span the world in more than 190 countries. The diplomats who work in these embassies come from all over the United States and represent a variety of backgrounds. Can you see yourself as a diplomat someday?

Item When I Grow Up - Learn about different career opportunities at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office! Now more than ever, patent and trademark protection encourages businesses to invest in the research, development and marketing vital to the economy and helps to promote the progress of science and technology.

Item Top 50 job boards for 2022

Organization Sites

Item American Dental Association's Career Resources - Would you like the opportunity to provide a needed health service and create healthy smiles? Learn more about the various careers in the dental profession.

Item America's Career InfoNET - Find out how much different careers pay in different parts of the country and how much education and training are needed. Look at videos of careers in action. Smart career decisions start here!

Item Aquarium Careers - Monterey Bay Aquarium - Even if you love the seas, but get seasick as soon as you leave the shore, you can still find a marine-related career that suits your talents and interests.

Item Get Tech - Have you ever wondered about the world of technology behind the things in your life? Technology is EVERYWHERE! From the moment your alarm goes off in the morning -- until you turn off your light at night -- there is a behind-the-scenes world you never imagined! Click here and learn about the technology in their world -- and the opportunities for your future!

Item Girls Go Tech - Careers You Can Count On - Careers in math, science and technology are as varied as they are exciting.

Item Job Profiles: Working at the San Diego Zoo - There are so many jobs you can do at the zoo. Learn about working with animals, plants, science, conservation, and much, much more.

Item National Engineers Week Future City Completion ™ - The competition employs a team-based approach for 7th and 8th grade students to design their city of the future. A computer software system is used to make decisions about existing and new technologies and city operations, and watch their city grow.

Educational Websites

Item Animals - Ever think about being a veterinarian? Find out what veterinary students are learning about horses, dogs, pigs, sheep, cattle, llamas and other farm animals.

Item Career Planning Process - The Career Planning/Competency Model encourages individuals to explore and gather information which enables them to synthesize, gain competencies, make decisions, set goals and take action.

Item Getting a Doctoral Degree - You may want to achieve Doctoral Degree (PhD) status as a final step in your school education.

Item Guide to the Business of Baby-sitting - Are you ready to be responsible and to work with families who might be different from your own? The purpose of this site is to prepare potential baby sitters with the knowledge & skills necessary to care for children.

ItemJobsmart Career Guide - Whether you're starting, continuing or changing ... you need information to plan your next move ... including Free Online Career Tests.

Item Virtual Reference Desk Learning Center - The VRD Learning Center can help you find information and answers to your questions about school subjects, fascinating facts, research topics, and more!

Commercial Sites

Item Be A Habitat Hero! - This National Geographic's site allows you to expand your mind as you come to the rescue of our habitats. While you're getting up close and personal with earth’s six habitats, you can also get the scoop on protected lands, biodiversity, urban sprawl, conservation and population.