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To netsmart. Hello, My name is Anna and I am writing this email to commend you on your excellent website. Since my daughter had to pick-up a second job to make ends meet, I have been spending more and more time looking after my granddaughter, Lily. With phones and TV Lily can stay occupied for hours. However, I would much rather she engags with educational, creative outlets. Thus. I look for different activities every week or so we can do together either hands-on or online. After seeing a PBS special about severe weather, Lily become fascinated with the subject. With it being a hot topic this week, I turned to the-web for relevant info. I found many helpful sources, including your science-math page, which had tons of fun and helpful info to Lily. While I was browsing online, I also came upon another article I found very informative; kids-guide-to-tornadoes on I'm writing this not only to commend you on your wonderful site but to recommend the article. I truly believe it would compliment the wealth of information you already have in place. ~Anna Quinn, Aug 2017.

Science & Math

Image of colorful robotLearn about rockets, weather, the human body, outer space, science fair projects ideas and much more through these great links.

If you were looking for the NetSmartz® programs sponsored by National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® and the Boys and Girls Club of America® click-here:

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Science & Math NetSites for Kids

Item Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects - Here, we've put together a few basic ideas of agricultural science projects you can do. Use these ideas as a jumping-off place for coming up with your own project.

Item Agriculture and Math Fun - Fun agriculture and math site with quizzes, games, and links to other sites.

Item Agriculture in the Classroom Kid's Corner - Learn about the role and importance of agriculture in the economy and society.

Item Air Quality Index - Learn how air pollution is measured, about the Air Quality Index (AQI), and how the index can be a quick way to tell people how good or bad something is. The AQI uses colors, and numbers, and words to tell you about the air.

Item Ask-A-Scientist - Submit Ask A Scientist Question! This is a great information service for K-12 teachers and their students. You can e-mail a question or find your answer in their vast archives.

Item Did You Ever Wonder? - Visit the Berkley Labs and learn more about about the structure of cells, how to carve with light, how soil keeps the world in balance and much more.

Item Dr. E's Energy Lab - This site has great information about wind energy, solar energy, alternative fuels and much more.

Item Drinking Water Kids' Stuff - This site has great games and activities that will help you learn about drinking water.

Item Earth Observatory - Accompany NASA scientists as they explore our world and unravel the mysteries of our climate and environmental change.

Item Earthquakes for Kids - Shake it up with this cool site from the USGS! Learn cool quake facts, earthquake ABC's, and catch up on the science of seismology. You can also explore being a geophysicist.

Item Energy Kid's Page - Learn along with Energy Ant about different types of energy. This site is from the Energy Information Administration.

Item EPA Student Center - This site from the Environmental Protection Agency is for students in the 5th thru 8th grades. Learn about projects, careers, ecosystems and much more.

Item Exploring Estuaries - Estuaries are places where freshwater rivers and streams flow into the ocean, mixing with the seawater. A wide variety of birds, fish, and other wildlife make estuaries their home. Use this Net site to explore these unique environments, including some of the plants and animals that live there.

Item Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Students’ Corner - This Corner is intended to explain to students of all ages how the FERC regulates energy for the United States. There are many different things to learn about FERC, including the history and the energy industries we regulate and our commitment to the environment.

Item Florida - Splash! Water Resources Education - The Southwest Florida Water Management District offers Splash! to help students learn how to protect of our precious water resource.

Item High School Environmental Center - This portal, from the Environmental Protection Agency, will inform you about environmental issues and help you protect the environment.

Item Invention Playhouse - Want to Play? Want to Invent? What’s the Difference? When asked what inspired them to become inventors, many adults tell stories about playing as children. Read and learn about tinkering, exploring, social play and collaboration.

Item Jefferson Lab's Student Zone - Get answers to your science questions. Take a visit through the lab and play some fun science games.

Item Online Weather - This site is designed to help you learn about weather and weather safety. The information contained in JetStream is arranged by subject; beginning with global and large scale weather patterns followed by lessons on air masses, wind patterns, cloud formations, thunderstorms, lightning, hail, damaging winds, tornados, tropical storms, cyclones and flooding.

Item Just For Kids - Office of Legislative and Public Affairs - Here's a page that's cool for science, math and engineering. There a fun sections like "Find Out Why" and "Ask a Scientist or Engineer".

Item Kids' Castle - This Smithsonian site has information to kids’ questions on sports, history, the arts, travel, science and air and space, all with great photos.

Item Kids' Science Page - National Agricultural Library - Hey kids! Do you like to eat? What's your nutrition IQ? Do you really enjoy animals? Insects too? Do you like veterinary medicine? Is engineering what you want to do? Interested in plants or ecology? Does chemistry excite you? Learn more about food and agricultural sciences.

Item Kidz Zone - This site is a great a portal for energy and science education. The material is age-graded by subject matter, with other resources for teachers. And we now have oodles of Energy Dictionaries and Glossaries.

Item Kidzzone - Science Links - The Department of Energy's Kidzzone offers a variety of links to science education sites.

Item Math Game - This website from the Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historic Trail has a flash card game. See how many problems you can solve in 60 seconds.

Item Minerals Management Service - Kids' Pages - The Minerals Management Service (MMS) is the Federal agency that manages the nation's natural gas, oil and other mineral resources. This site links to great pages about energy, the ocean and math.

Item NASA SCIFiles - The NASA SCIence Files is a website that focuses on solving real-world problems by using the scientific method and Problem-based learning.

Item NASA's Kids Science News Network™ (3rd - 5th Grades) - NASA's KSNN™ is a standards-based program that uses the Net, animation, and video to introduce science, technology, engineering, math, and NASA concepts. This site features children in 60-second (video) news breaks answering such questions as why is the sky blue and what makes popcorn pop.

Item NASA's Kids Science News Network™ (K - 2nd Grades) - NASA's KSNN™ uses animated characters to introduce science, technology, engineering, math, and NASA concepts. This site has 60-second animations, activities, and resource links covering such topics as "magnetism" and "states of matter."

Item National Marine Sanctuary Program - Here you'll find information about our nation's marine sanctuaries - their history and current management, their scientific and educational programs, and their continuing efforts to conserve our nation's ocean and coastal treasures.

Item National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - This Arctic Theme Page provides access to widely distributed Arctic data and information for scientists, students, teachers, academia, managers, decision makers and the general public.

Item National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration - Research - The goal of the site is to provide middle school science students and teachers with research and investigation experiences using on-line resources.

Item National Science Foundation - Find out why. Get answers to your questions about inventions, discoveries, the ocean, science and much more.

Item National Security Agency/Central Security Service Kids & Youth Page - NSA/CSS works to keep America safe by using the art and science of cryptology: making and breaking codes. The codes we make keep our information protected from our enemies, and by breaking our enemies’ codes we can find out what they are planning and thinking. Read on to learn more!.

Item National Weather Service Kids Page - The National Weather Service's kids' page serves up age- appropriate fun for all kids. Download an informative tornado-safety coloring book for your preschooler. While she's coloring, your older children can click on the Severe Storms Lab Weather Room where lightning flashes across the screen while they choose from a mean-weather menu. Tornadoes? Hurricanes? Lightning? Learn how to read a weather map or read about the scientists who chase storms. Kids who want more substance can click into a litany of links.

Item National Zoo - Visit the online exhibits, or take a tour and learn about the plants, animals and people of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

Item NOAA Education - Primarily For Students Page - This site is designed especially for students to provide a way of learning about the earth in a fun and informative way. These sites can be found on the pages for Weather, Climate Change and Our Planet, Oceans and Coasts, and Satellites and Space.

Item Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Students' Corner- Nuclear energy is a way to generate heat using the fission process of atoms. A nuclear power plant converts the heat into electricity. Learn more about nuclear reactors, radiation, terms, and more.

Item Ocean Surface Topography From Space - Stuff For Kids - Toppy the Satellite welcomes you to his "TOPEX/Poseidon Online Coloring & Activity Book." Through his fun pictures and activities, you can learn all about him, the TOPEX/Poseidon satellite, and what he does.

Item Park Net - Take a tour through the National Park System, explore historical place and learn about natural resources in our parks.

Item Science in the Home - All kinds of links to cool science stuff.

Item Sitios web del Gobierno para Niños en Español - Visite esta página para explorar todos los recursos que el gobierno ofrece a los niños en español. Aquí encontrará juegos divertidos, información sobre las ciencias, la tecnología, la salud y mucho más..¡todo en español!

Item Smithsonian for Kids - Explore the playful side of the Smithsonian Museums. There are highlights of different areas, a fun and games section and much, much more.

Item Space Place - Amazing facts and fun activities to do to learn more about space science.

Item Student Guide to the Human Genome Project - Explore this site for answers about the U.S. Human Genome Project. Useful to older children who have projects in this area.

Item Taking America's Measure - Today, the modern products we take for granted like computers, video games, mobile phones, and DVD players depend on having one very precise, very reliable measuring system that everyone has agreed to use. But what exactly is a measuring system and what does it mean to you? Find out while having fun at this site with puzzles, riddles and games from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Item The Dynamic Earth - The National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, offers this really interactive and engaging site to teach about science of the earth. The three main sections of the site include: Rocks at Earth's Surface, Rocks Below Earth's Surface, and Mining.

Item The NOAA Photo Library - NOAA collection includes thousands of weather and space images, hundreds of images of our shores and coastal seas, and thousands of marine species images ranging from the great whales to the most minute plankton.

Item The Water Cycle - This site is the most comprehensive Net site about "The Water Cycle" anywhere. It features a wonderful diagram of the natural water cycle and an in-depth discussion of each of the 15 topics on the diagram. And, the diagram is available in over 52 languages!

Item The Weather Room - This page provides general information for kids, parents, and teachers. Elementary school coloring books are available for parents and teachers to print and use for weather education in the classroom or at home.

Item USFA Kids Page - The U.S. Fire Administration’s kids page is full of tips that can help you and your family be safe from fire. Test your knowledge identify fire hazards and escape planning knowledge.

Item Walk Through Time - Provides information on ancient calendars, early clocks, revolution in timekeeping, the "Atomic Age" and more.

Item Water Drops: Science Fun for Kids in the Water Environment - This site has a collection of fun facts, games, and projects for kids to learn about our water environment. Each issue will have a different theme, although all material will relate to the science of water pollution and clean water.

Item Water Science for Schools - This site offers information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.

Item Yellowstone National Park Just for Kids - Test your knowledge about Yellowstone National Park. Learn about different animals, plan a visit and learn about the history of the park.

Organization Sites

Item Alliance to Save Energy Kids Page - It doesn't matter how young or old you are - you can help your parents reduce home energy use and therefore reduce their energy bills. Check out stories written for kids by kids participating in the Alliance to Save Energy's Green Schools program!

Item - Fun site that offers science demonstrations that you can do in the home.

Item Cloud Forest Alive - If Africa's not your thing, how about checking out the cloud forests in Central America? Weekly lessons and a variety of webcams make you feel like you're actually there!

Item Cool Science for Curious Kids - The Howard Hughes Medical Institute invites curious kids to explore biology...on screen, off screen, and in between.

Item Girls Go Tech - Girls in Science, Technology and Math - During your lifetime you will have to depend more and more on your understanding of these subjects, but you'll be surprised how much fun you can have, and are already having, with math, science, and technology.

Item Jason Project: A Living Laboratory - JASON XIV: From Shore to Sea will engage students and teachers in an exciting journey to explore the unique Channel Islands region of California. The waters of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and the densely populated California coastline, and will serve as our "laboratory" for studying nature's dynamic systems during the 2002-2003 school year.

Item - Math and Reading Help for Kids is a directory of original articles, tips, and resources written just for you. There's also plenty of fun games and lots of homework help.

Item National Engineers Week Future City Completion ™ - The competition employs a team-based approach for 7th and 8th grade students to design their city of the future. A computer software system is used to make decisions about existing and new technologies and city operations, and watch their city grow.

Item Science Fair Project Resource Guide - The Internet Public Library will guide you to a variety of web site resources, leading you through the necessary steps to successfully complete a science experiment. If you have never done a science fair project before, be sure and look at the following websites for tips on what makes a good project before doing anything else.

Item The WHY Files - The Why Files cover issues of science, health, environment and technology from a unique perspective. Using news and current events as a springboard to explore science and the larger issues it raises, we hope to show science as a human enterprise and a way of looking at the world.

Education Sites

Item Cyber-Fair - Get some ideas and tips for your next science project, what makes a good project and important points that should be covered in your report.

Item Exploratorium: Traits of Life - What are the essential elements of life? How can you distinguish between the living and nonliving world? You can explore these questions and more at the Exploratorium’s new collection of Life Science exhibits.

Item Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) - Learn about GRACE, twin satellites launched in March 2002, are making detailed measurements of Earth's gravity field which will lead to discoveries about gravity and Earth's natural systems.

Commercial Sites

Item - BrainPOP's unique, award-winning Health, Science and Technology (HS&T) content is based on original, animated movies created to explain the human body and the world around us in an engaging, interactive journey for kids.

Item - has put together a whole site about adventure and the adventures we think you should try. Ever wanted to climb a climbing wall? Ride a camel? Learn to take your own pictures? Well, here is the place to learn how.

Item Science Fair Central - Get great ideas and tips for your next science fair or homework project.

Item Smog City - Smog City is an interactive air pollution simulator that shows how your choices, environmental factors, and land use contribute to air pollution. In Smog City you're in control so your visit can be a healthy or unhealthy experience depending on the decisions you make.

Item Space Day - Space Day 2001 blasts off on May 3, 2001. Now in its fifth year, it is a global celebration dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space. The goal of Space Day is to advance science, math, and technology education and to inspire young people to realize the vision of our space pioneers.

Item Weather Eye - Site that has information of weather and some cool experiments for kids to try.

Item Whale Camp - The Whale Camp's mission is to provide fun and adventuresome learning experiences in the Bay of Fundy that enhance your appreciation and knowledge of our natural world. They use the tools of scientific inquiry to learn about the geology of the region, the marine life in the bay, the land based life of Grand Manan and to explore the human issues involved in the sustainable use of these resources.