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COMMODITY TRADERS CLUB NEWS - Special Price $100 lifetime ezine membership . . . Current issues to present can all be accessed online with your membership password

Well-known "club" newsletter written for and by commodity futures traders - exchange information or ideas with other Club Members, so all members obtain knowledge or insight into various trading systems and trading related products and services.

NATURE'S LAW - "The Secret of the Universe" - $69

This unique spiral-bound book is a copy of the very rare and valuable original edition of the book 'Nature's Law - The Secret of the Universe,' by R. N. Elliott - published in a very limited edition in 1948 & re-printed by Commodity Traders Club in 1995. From the original hard to find old microfilm. This is what started the "Elliott Wave" popularity for Stock/Commodities Technical Analysis & Trading Methods - Click-Here for more info


This is a large home-study trading course, consisting of 218-pages which include 9 Chapters and a Supplemental Chapter. This course consists of Gann's original course he sold in the early 1950's for a reported $5,000. Plus, our own enhancements, including an additional supplement with extra Gann Trading information and new materials are provided . . . Click-Here for more info


Gann's secrets to successfully trading markets using "hands-on" learning. Includes charts & lessons + Free Copy of the Magic Word. Very unique! For full details on the Gann Course . . . Click-Here for more info


Hands-on, how-to methodology, with detailed instructions for stock and commodity options. The course uses stock and stock options as examples. But the principles are also applicable to commodity options. Manual - No computer needed. Click-Here For More Details


The Commodity Futures Record Keeper is a time-saving personal record-keeping system. This handy spiral-bound book lets you know exactly where you are at all times with your trades. Click-Here to Order


We offer internet marketing opportunities at web.trading -- You can also place a Printed Advertisement in our Commodity Traders Club Newsletter. Website Sponsorships and banner links such as this one from Amazon.com are great ways to get your message and information to our web.trading clients and contacts. We also offer webpage and banner ad design services at low cost. Click-Here for more info


"Conservative Low Drawdown" Futures Trading System - trades 35 major US futures markets. The Utility programs and data are included. System reads CSI, Computrac/MetaStock data. Utilities are CSI compatible only. (Note: Sold-out and not currently available but will be re-released in 2022)

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