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Dear Dave, I think the material on your site is exceptional in that you are committed to helping other traders. This commitment I believe is very genuine and comes through strongly. I think people like you are meant to be a blessing to others and I feel very privileged to be able to receive from you and your group. I have been trading the US Futures in Australia for the last couple of years and loving every minute of it. I am addicted big time.

I have traded the E-mini contract (staying up all night) but much prefer the Nasdaq E-mini because of the long runs and not so much channeling. I trade off the 1 min and 5 min charts mostly and use Elliott waves for most of my trading.(Note: wave counts are notoriously unreliable on the short time frames but good for direction on the longer time frames). I have one protege at the moment and the other person that I have taught is consistently making five grand a week. So something must be working??

I believe that trading is a journey. A journey that is much more enjoyable in the company of friends and fellow traders. I think this is also what your club is all about. It doesn't matter how much I know, there always seems to be so much that I don't and so I am constantly hungry for more knowledge and better ways to do things.

I believe the Club has the ability to satisfy some of this hunger. I am continually amazed by some of the generous contributions and "secrets" given away by some of your members. By comparison I much more selfish and guarded in this area. Shame on me! So there, you may quote me as much as you like and thank you for the opportunity. G.A. --------------------

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