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William D. Gann
Techniques Trading Course - $97

W.D. Gann

William Delbert Gann - known world-wide as W.D. Gann. Gann is a legend in the world of Stock & Commodity trading. Born June 6,1878 in Lufkin, Texas. W.D. Gann started commodity trading and stock market trading in 1902. In 1908 Gann moved to New York City opening his own brokerage firm, W.D.Gann & Co., located at 18th & Broadway. After many decades of incredible trading success, W.D. Gann moved to Miami, Florida where he continued his writings and studies up until his death on June 14, 1955.

W.D. Gann's trading profits are estimated to ne as high as $50,000,000 during his lifetime. Keep in mind he traded in the first half of last century so that amount would be much more staggering today! Mr. Gann, in the presence of representatives of a major financial publication, made 286 trades in 25-market days, on both the long and short sides of the market. Of these 286 trades, 264 were profitable!

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W. D. Gann - Knowledge plus Time and Study equals consistent Profits! Learn to think and trade for yourself using Natural

Webtrading's Gann Trading Techniques Course will teach you how to trade using Gann's best methods, including Gann Geometric Angles, Gann squaring of price & time, gann square of nine charts Gann charting methods, support & resistance, gann numbers and "w d gann" numerology. Our W. D. Gann Trading Course can teach you Gann's amazing methods for trading the commodity futures, stock market & options trading markets within 48-hrs!

This course was written by Dave Green of web.trading He has studied and used Gann's methods for the last 16-years. He considers himself an expert in Gann methodology.

Why spend $900 or more to learn Gann's trading and investment market techniques, when you can learn W. D. Gann's Techniques in this course, using unique methodology, for only a fraction of the price? The cost of the course is only $97 - FREE S&H and you also receive a FREE Link to download The Magic Word written by W.D. Gann.

This trading manual contains Gann's secrets and techniques to potential successful trading of the commodities and stock market, using "hands-on plan English" learning skills.  Includes many lessons, charts, plus annotated copies of Mr. Gann's old charts done in his own hand-writing.

Unique acrylic custom gann angle tool, with detailed instructions are included for drawing Gann angles.

Listed below are some of the subjects covered in this package:

This rare and highly useful commodities trading course offers every trader the information needed to incorporate this useful trading information into important commodities, futures & stock market trading and investment market decisions. Every trader needs to study this course and become familiar with "W. D. Gann's" trading techniques and trading methods before trading the markets.

Testimonial: G. Arnold - MN -- I found the Gann course very helpful and information. Dave Green's interpretation of Gann helped me to apply Gann's ideas to my own day trading system in ways I had never considered. One such way is the use of Gann angles on small time frames in an unusual manner that was worth the price of the course just by itself. Also, it was helpful to

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