Please do not be misled by other web-firms selling COA's issued by various sites but NOT issued under the official name of - our name is the one and only recognized industry term offering COA's under the genuine name! P.S. The blue cert website example graphic is NOT how your authenticity certificate will look, also will not have multiple lines of text other than a short but concise authenticity of your product/service - all you need and where the true COA value is!

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Below we are reprinting (with permission) an email exchange between ourselves and a prospective buyer of Certificate of Authenticity certificates. This way you will get a better understanding on how Certificates of Authenticity can help your sales or the value of your products and items, and also both serve the public (based on your assertion of authenticity), but at the same time understanding why COA's are not legally binding on the COA issuer,

Certificate of Authenticity information and feedback. Keep in mind each product or item is unique so the potential authentication process would be different based on the item and circumstances involved.

Generally speaking it would be extremely difficult for our organization to actually (and also legally) verify an item as being truly authentic, as in the case study below.

Email Subject: Questions About Authenticating Verification

To Website - "Hello, on a trip to Los Angeles, I was able to obtain (with permission), cue-cards and blueprints from the Set of Days Of Our Lives. My question is how can I go about getting these things authenticated? My impression from your website is I just need to send you money and I can get a "Certificate of Authenticity." But I would think that there would be something more too it that would have to be verified. Is this the case or not? Any information provided would be helpful. Thanks, Mike ------------------

Dear Michael, We do not normally actually verify the true and legally binding authenticity of an item when we issue our COA. That's because it would be very difficult (perhaps impossible) and very costly to do so.

Instead we rely on your assertion and honesty in certifying to us it is authentic. In other words, you certify its authenticity to our organization and we issue you the COA. Once again, the COA is originally being issued to you, not any subsequent party. You can then announce and distribute the existence of the COA and subsequently give it to a 3rd party along with the corresponding item or product.

Here are some examples of the problems and expense we would face in actually verifying your "Days of Our Lives" items authenticity:

For example, how could we (with certainty) verify your Days of Our Lives items as being truly authentic? Keep in mind, to be legally valid and binding, we would need a 100% definite (more than likely in-person) first-hand verification process covering all legal angles and aspects.

In your case we would need to travel to Los Angeles, spend hours or likely several days tracking everyone down and contacting them, verifying their identity, checking to make sure they are truly authorized by the Days Of Our Lives TV Show to certify authenticity.

Then we would have to set up meetings with verified TV Show agents or employees and authorized TV Show Officials. You too would need to spend lots of time and money traveling to the location where the verifying parties reside. You would have to come to the meeting with all of us, bringing your items with you. Everyone would have to personally inspect the items, then sign verifying they are authentic. Everyone's id's would need to be checked, and signatures would need to be witnessed and notarized.

Plus, some of these people who are needed for verifications likely may not want to spend the time doing all of this for free. They may want a fee for their time, help and cooperation, perhaps a thousand dollars or even more, depending on how they value their time, which we would need to pay, being reimbursed by you.

Then keep in mind we are traveling from Arizona to Los Angeles (or wherever). We also would want an hourly fee, likely in the form of a Retainer, based on $125-Hr. Lets say it takes us 12-hrs time to drive to LA and back to Arizona. Plus, perhaps several days there trying to contact everyone, arranging meetings, attend meetings for authenticity verifications, etc.

You would also have to pay all expenses such as our travel and lodging accommodations and all other expenses we incur. All told perhaps anywhere from 2 to 4 days time or more, and many misc or potential expenses, likely an estimated $3,000 to $5,000 in time and expenses. Could even be more costly if there are delays or unforeseen problems.

Do you really want to pay that much to have a Certificate of Authentic really legally fully authenticated? I doubt it, especially since the items themselves may be worth much less than the COA verification cost!

Also, there is always the possibility in the end we are unable to verify their authenticity but you would still have to pay thousands of dollars in fees and costs anyway. Perhaps a person who's verification and signature is required to verify actual authenticity does not cooperate with us, or show-up for a meeting, or many other possible problems beyond our control.

This is why we rely on the person ordering and paying for our very low-cost COA to be the one who vouches for its authenticity to us. All we are doing is issuing a very low-cost COA on the item based on the owners assertion of its authenticity, not on our own personal investigation and legal verification it's authentic.

Regards, COA Webmaster

P.S. By the way, don't let this stand in your way ordering the COA's just because its not legally binding on our COA firm. Keep in mind COA's are mostly used for the owner of the item to say to the public it is authentic. They are also valued for their for advertising, sales and marketing potential, and impressing possible buyers, or simply to add perceived value to an item. That is their best value! Regards, Dave, Certificate of

P.S.S. We can post this on the COA Website to benefit others, unless you object. We do not have to use your full name, only your first name or initials.

Reply from Mike - Wow! Thanks for the information. Yes, that's fine if you use my first name but not my email address. Thanks.

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