Please do not be misled by other webfirms selling COA's issued by various firms but NOT issued under the official name of - our name is the one and only recognized industry term offering COA's under the genuine name! P.S. The blue cert website example graphic is NOT how your authenticity certificate will look, also will not have multiple lines of text other than a short but concise authenticity of your product/service - all you need and where the true COA value is!

"We are the Authorized Issuer of "Certificate of Authenticity"
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Certificates of Authenticity, also known as a COA,
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A Certificate of Authenticity will Certify your Product or Item as being Genuine & Authentic

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Custom Design Certificate of Authenticity

We also do custom "COA's" if you don' want to create your own "COA's" right from your computer. The cost - Only $99.00

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If you do not find the appropriate template in our package for your item/product we can custom design a template using your appropriate wording and graphics for $99.00.

Each product sold should be accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity" that will verify it is a genuine work from a special collection, artist or special product.

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If you need a template with special headings/information and graphics that you do not find in the template package, we will customize a template for you at $99.00 per COA design.