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About the Author

Arthur L. Simpson is an independent trader and has been a member of the Chicago Open Board of Trade and (now) the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange continuously since 1971. He is a registered floor broker with the National Futures Association. Art is a licensed Merchant Marine Officer by the United States Coast Guard. He is also a licensed pilot issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. He holds licenses issued by the Federal Communications Commission. His license includes first class radiotelegraph, general radiotelephone operator license, GMDSS radio operator/maintainer license and an amateur extra radio license.

Mr. Simpson has worked assignments with the United States Information Agency, Military Sealift Command and has served as chief engineer at CBS radio in Champagne, Illinois. He has served as a broadcast consulting engineer and has been instrumental in construction of broadcasting stations.

Art lives in Indiana with his wife Karen and their family of pets. His interests include trading, flying, amateur radio, computer programming, music and world travel.

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