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L. Becker - CTC Client - Handwritten Letter - "Dear Dave, Just a short note to express my sincere appreciation for the work you have been doing with Commodity Traders Club. It has been a publication I've come to respect for its honesty, sincerity, appropriateness and timelyness, and in particular, its help for the small trader. Please keep up the good work. It is most disturbing to read you have been harassed by the CFTC. Please keep up your spirit."

Cal Boecourt - Trading Method owner - E-Mail - "I'm amazed to hear the CFTC is saying you are giving trading advise. What you have done is show me how to day trade the S&P futures index. You have not given me any specific trades to take nor any advise about the condition of the market. I believe it's absolutely proper for you to share a methodology you use as long as there is no specific investment advise or no specific entries or exits given. I don't consider getting your educational information any different than reading a book on how to day trade the S &P. I appreciate what you do and wish you the best."  

David Goldfavt - subscriber - e-mail - " What do you think of the gold, silver & palladium markets. Carry on, good man."

Answer from Traders Club " Sorry, we can't give specific real-time trading advise. The CFTC is apparently alleging we have been giving 'trading advise' without being registered with them. Until this matter is settled we can't give any form of (real-time) trading advise."  

The CFTC say's verbally to Dave Green during a Sept 17, 1997 phone call - " Did you guaranty traders would make money with your method?"

Answer from CTCN's Dave Green - "Absolutely not!"  

R. F. Kohn - Sept. 30, 1997, has this comment (at about the same time as the CFTC's question) about this subject in his letter: " The one thing that I appreciate the most, is at no time do you ever take the attitude that "trading is easy," or "anyone can do it." Given the current high level of abuses that many system sellers, and newsletter writers engage in, your honest and truthful approach is a "breath of fresh air" within a much abused industry."  

George Freborn - Nov 3, 1997, sent this letter - "I am more than satisfied with the information contained in all of the issues of Commodity Traders Club News. The feedback, opinions and suggestions from the many contributors to CTCN have been invaluable to me.

In addition, my several phone calls to the owner/publisher Dave Green re various questions I've had have always been answered promptly and courteously.

There is a definite and vital need for this type of publication and it should be permitted to continue!"  

Steve Mavogianis - Trading Method owner & Managed Account client - Testimonial - Please note as far as I know and to the best of my knowledge Dave Green is a very good and honest man.

Also, please know in all my dealings with Dave, he has acted in a very kind, forthright, professional, and business-like manner. I have also enjoyed his newsletter and all his other services. God bless you (Dave).  

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