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Mr. Bo Thunman - Trading System Reviewer and Editor of Club 3000 News - The Editor Speaks column: " Dave Green of the Trend Index Company, submitted the software for his Swing Catcher system to Club 3000 for review. If I did the test run correctly and the results can be duplicated in real time, this is the best and "safest" commodity trading system I have seen. The system appears to do well in a very large number of commodities, so, combined with a portfolio management program, as mentioned in the last few issues, it would probably do even better (and be more easily managed). The evidence is as follows:

The time period is 890531 through 900608, using data supplied by the vendor and "conservative mode". Slippage was put at $50 per trade. The total number of trades was 447. With three optimizable parameters, this would seem to provide a satisfactory degree of significance. I would have liked to see figures on pessimistic return on margin as well as a total for all the commodities and perhaps even a chart showing a total equity curve.

I am told the system was designed with the primary emphasis on money management and minimum drawdown, letting the profits take care of themselves. This seems to have been quite successful.

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Note from Dave Green, Editor of Commodity Traders Club and the original developer and sometimes programmer of the Swing Catcher System. Webtrading and CTCN have recently acquired the rights to Swing Catcher System from our old company Trend Index Trading Co. Trend Index developed the system back in the mid to late 1980's. For your information and as an interesting aside, you should know we were on good terms with Mr. Bo Thunman when he did his real positive Swing Catcher review, reprinted in verbatim above.

However, starting in mid-1993, Bo turned very unfriendly toward us. In early 1994 we called Bo as a peace overture and offered an olive branch. Unfortunately, Bo rejected the olive branch and promptly said ":don't call me" and hung-up the phone. This allegedly was because Bo was unhappy due to our direct competition with his own Club 3000 News, due to our starting Commodity Traders Club News in May 1993. Up until then he had no real competition and enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the member feedback newsletter business.

As you may know, Swing Catcher has been unavailable for some time as we decided to take the system off the market a couple years ago. We have received a number of requests from traders to once again offer Swing Catcher for sale to the trading public. One German client in particular, Roger, must have called at least a couple dozen times from Germany, asking us to send him the system.

By popular request from many traders, we plan to again offer Swing Catcher. It's not quite ready yet as we are both in the process of updating our CSI interday (daily) data files. We are also completing the work on a programming problem with its CSI daily data file reading area and should have this taken care of by early 1993-2013. At which time we will once again (barring CFTC prohibition, as we are not registered as a CTA) make this top-rated system (from the early 1990's) available again.


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