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Editor's Note: Here is a testimonial letter sent to Club 3000 News, with a copy to us. By the way, we were at one time on good terms with Club 3000 News but subsequently (about mid-1993) they became an unfriendly rival of CTCN's. It's authored by a mutual client who wrote this positive rebuttal response to a letter sent by another owner of our system.

About The Swing Catcher System. I purchased Swing Catcher in late April 1992, paper traded and did historical testing with the included historical data base and started trading it real-time in May 1992, and am still trading it real-time (as of Sept 23, 1994.)The system has performed well and I would recommend it.I trade a portfolio of eight commodities, using the programs "Harmonic Data Files" and the "Conservative Mode."

1. Of 53 indicators used, only three are optimizable. On my 486-66 it takes approximately three-minutes per commodity, not "most of the night." (An older version of the program did take quite a bit longer if you had QEMM 386 installed due to incompatibility with this upper memory management program. The solution to this was to simply boot your machine without QEMM 386).

2. Swing Catcher is good, solid, (and most important) profitable software program and I can not imagine anyone would consider it to be "crude" within Webster's definition of primitive, "rough," lacking," "uncultivated," etc.

3. Appearances of any inconsistency in navigation among options or program hangs that I have noted have always been traceable back to my own "operator error" and not to problems with the program.

4. Regarding "someone complained about (Green) and the Program on (CompuServe) once several months ago." With no further information, this is an inane comment. Editor's Note: Try as we may, it's impossible to please everyone at all times. Isn't this the case with everyone? There will always be an occasional person who does not like you or is somehow dissatisfied.

Also no information was provided (by Mr. Gollub) on how Swing Catcher was traded, i.e., Aggressive or Conservative modes, Regular or Harmonic Data Files, selected portfolio, etc. or on how much historical testing was done prior to starting trading.

My Swing Catcher portfolio had a number of good months, then had an extended period in a drawdown cycle before it recently reached new highs in profits. It may have been during this period that Lew Gollub tried it. Perhaps if all 35 commodities were traded, the equity curve would be smoother? Or perhaps a more diversified portfolio?

My Swing Catcher portfolio is not very diversified and is in fact heavily weighted in certain areas. It was designed that way after much research. Diversification is obtained by trading different programs. Personal software programs allow combining and analyzing records of different portfolios traded with different programs.

The Swing Catcher System by Dale Johnson

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