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Lets play astrology - Carol Murphy

Many years ago during a cigarette break at a financial seminar, I over heard a very interesting conversation on Financial Astrology. For weeks I thought about the planets and the market. After all, for hundreds of years man has used the sky to sail ships (stars) plant food (moon) etc. If the moon can control the tides, perhaps it makes us bullish or bearish, since the body is 97% water. I purchased two Ephemerids, one Geo and one Helio (standing on the sun). I knew nothing about astrology.

Out of curiosity, I started putting the location of the planets on my charts at major Hi & Lo's on all commodity charts. See examples of how some of it works. Chart #1 is Helio (Venus). The _:4 means Venus is 180° Jupiter (the money planet). _s 4 means Venus is 360° , as you can see within 4 days we have a major change in trend. You can also see when _ is a 180° or 360° or 72° from itself, again we have a change in trend. Chart II is Helio _ and aspects to Mars (_) and Pluto ( ) It's not the holy grail, but you definitely get a C.I.T. with 4 days. I'm retired & have lots of time to monitor all of this and just love it. It's like a giant game.

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