Website Linking Policies & Requirements

Any website which provides products or services which may be of potential benefit to our clients and website visitors is eligible for consideration and inclusion on our Hot Links Page. For your web-site to qualify as a link with our Futures, Stocks & Options Traders Club webtrading site, certain conditions need to be met:

  • The link must be a Futures, Stocks & Options Webtrading Traders Club hyperlink text, or display our logo, as outlined in our linking instructions. Complete instructions and choices of several Banners and HTML text is available at our Links Information Guide.
  • For FREE Linking you must be an active member of CTCN's Affiliate Program. Otherwise, the regular (Non-Affiliate) cost of the link is $167 per month. A Banner Ad and/or Text Link on our website Hot Links Page, linking to your website, is a great FREE benefit available to our Affiliate Members.
  • We can give your website extensive exposure to many active traders and investors. In addition, as an Affiliate you can receive regular monthly checks from us representing your commissions on all sales which are attributable to visitor's coming from our Banner and/or Text Link located on your website.
  • Once you join the CTCN Affiliate Program a so called Cookie will be automatically used to track all visitor's coming from your website to ours. If anyone becomes a client of CTCN's at anytime within the next 60-days you will get 25% of the purchase amount!
  • In addition, to the cash payments you are also eligible for other benefits, including a free classified Line Ad in all future printed issues of our Commodity Traders Club Newsletter.
  • Our CTCN/Webtrading link must be at a CONSPICUOUS location within your site. Our mutual goal will be to generate hits to and from our website's to generate greater Internet traffic for our mutual website's and also to provide increased exposure for our advertisers and others. We have many free educational and informational services already on our site, such as our powerful trading Search Engine.
  • Plus, very importantly for you, by giving our text or banner link an easy-to-find spot on your website it should result in larger affiliate monthly commission checks for you! It will be most beneficial if our link is easy to find and not located too deeply within your site, or at the bottom of a list of many other sites, or requiring the navigation of too many sub-menus before reaching the CTCN Link location.
  • Our Link, both at your site and on your web-server, must also be fully operational during the time-frame we are activating your link. A Link Exchange will only be maintained providing our link is active. In addition to visiting our Futures, Stocks & Options Linking and Affiliate Program Info-Guides, you may also e-mail any questions or requests you may have to
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