Rhode Island . . . State 13

Rhode Island's official flag was adopted in 1897. The flag is white, fringed with yellow on three sides. A yellow anchor is circled by 13 yellow stars which symbolize the original 13 colonies. A blue ribbon is under the anchor and reads, "HOPE." The anchor was first adopted as a seal for Rhode Island in 1647, when the four original towns of Rhode Island were Providence, Warwick, Portsmouth, and Newport.

Rhode Island was the 13th state and became a state on May 29, 1790. Rhode Island is located in the northeastern part of the U.S. Rhode Island and is the smallest state. It measures only 48 miles from north to south and 37 miles from east to west. The southern part is bordered by The Atlantic Ocean, Connecticut is to the west and Massachusetts is to the north and east. Rhode Island's eastern half has the Narragansett Bay and other bodies of water. In the western part of the state are the Appalachian Mountains and in the east are mainly lowland areas with many islands, sandy beaches, and marshes. Rhode Island used to be covered by glaciers in the Ice Age. These glaciers helped shape most of the physical features of the New England states.

Rhode Island has a four-season climate, but the weather in Rhode Island can change dramatically and the state can experience tropical storms, ice storms or heavy snow. They have a damp climate with short summers and long, cold winters. The bay and coastal areas are cooler in summer and warmer in winter when compared to inland regions. Statewide, winter is chilly and wet, with some snow. January is the coldest month and average high temperatures near 30 degrees. July and August are the warmest months and average high temperatures in the 80s. Warmer conditions are common inland. Annual precipitation averages near 45 inches.

Rhode Island does not have very good soil for growing crops because of the rocky soil. Because of this much of the state relies on poultry and dairy. It does have a big fishing industry and catches a lot of the nations lobster, and hard shell clams.

Rhode Island Agriculture: Nursery stock, vegetables, dairy products, eggs.

Rhode Island Industry: Fashion jewelry, fabricated metal products, electric equipment, machinery, shipbuilding and boat building, tourism.

Rhode Island is densely populated and about 75% of the population lives within a 15% mile radius of the capital. Even though it is the smallest state it is one of the most highly industrialized states in the nation.

Rhode Island has 5 counties:
Bristol Kent Newport Providence Washington

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