Missouri . . . State 24

Missouri was admitted as a state in 1821 as the 24th state in the USA. The capital city of Missouri is Jefferson City, and the largest cities are Kansas City, Saint Louis, Springfield, and Independence. Missouri is bordered on the North by Iowa; on the West by Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma; on the South by Arkansas; and on the East, where the Mississippi River forms the border, by Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee.

The economy of Missouri consists of:

Missouri Agriculture: Cattle, soybeans, hogs, dairy products, corn, poultry and eggs.

Missouri Industry: Transportation equipment, food processing, chemical products, electric equipment, fabricated metal products.

Missouri state flag is centered on red, white and blue fields which is the Missouri state seal. It is encircled by a blue band with 24-stars representing the number of states in 1821. The stars in the inner circle have the same meaning. Two huge grizzly bears support the circular shield in the center which has three parts:

The topography of Missisour is rolling hills, open, fertile plains, and well watered prairie north of the Missouri river; south of the river land is rough and hilly with deep, narrow valleys; alluvial plain in the southeast; low elevations in the west.

The motto "United We Stand, Divided we Fall"

The right section representing the United States

The left section containing a moon representing a new state and a grizzly bear standing for courage.

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