Connecticut . . . State 5

Connecticut's official state flag was adopted in 1897. The Connecticut state flag displays the Arms of the State on each side. On a field of azure blue is an ornamental white shield with three grapevines, each bearing three bunches of purple grapes. The grapevines represent the early English settlers and their settlements in Connecticut. The states motto "He who Transplanted Sustains Us" is displayed on a white ribbon.

Connecticut was the 5th state admitted on January 9, 1788 and is nicknamed the Constitution State. Connecticut played an important role in the Revolutionary War and served as the Continental Army's major supplier. It also is called the “Arsenal of the Nation,” the state became one of the most industrialized in the nation.

It's capital city is Hartford and largest city is Bridgeport. The state is the 3rd smallest state in the United States with only Delaware and Rhode Island being smaller. It has an area of only 5,544 square miles but is ranked the 29th most populous state in the USA. Connecticut is bordered on the west by New York, Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north and by Long Island sound on the south.

The economy consists of nursery stock, poultry, eggs, dairy and cattle. Connecticut is #1 in New England in the production of eggs, pears, peaches, and mushrooms, and Connecticut's oyster crop is ranked #2 in the nation.

The major industries are: Transportation equipment, machinery, electric equipment, fabricated metal products, chemical products, scientific instruments.

Connecticut's landscape consists of many forested hills with hardwood forests, coastal plain and central valley areas which are relatively flat, shoreline beaches, and many inland lakes. It is known for many old colonial churches, and historic villages which attract many tourists and is a popular resort area. Connecticut is also known for many classic Ivy League schools, thriving business center, modern expressways, and small farms.

Connecticut's climate is relatively mild with a short spring and summers are generally hot and humid, with much cooler weather in the hills and mountains. Fall is cool and winters are long and severe with heavy snow. Precipitation amounts vary from 35 to 50 inches a year inland, with slightly lower amounts occurring along the Atlantic Ocean coastal areas.

Connecticut has 8 counties:
Fairfield - Hartford - Litchfield - Middlesex - New Haven - New London - Tolland - Windham

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