Alaska . . . State 49

Alaska adopted the flag for official state use in 1959. The blue field represents the sky, the sea, and mountain lakes, as well as Alaska's wildflowers. Emblazoned on the flag are eight gold stars: seven from the constellation Ursa Major, or the Big Dipper. The eighth being the North Star, representing the northern most state.

In 1867 the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for just over $7,000,000 - one of the greatest land deals ever recorded. Alaska became an official state on Jan 3, 1959 as the 49th state. The capital city is Juneau and the largest city is Anchorage. Juneau is the only state capital in the continental United States that is only accessible by boat or plane.

Alaska is the largest state and is bigger than Montana, Texas, California and combined. Alaska is only bordered by Canada Yukon Territory and the province of British Columbia and it has approximately 40,500 miles of coast and shoreline. Three sides of Alaska border water and has has more coastline then all of the other U.S states combined. The highest point in North America is located in Alaska, Mt. McKinley, which is 20,320 ft. and the lowest point is sea level at the Pacific Ocean.

Alaska climate is very different throughout the state. In the south, southeast and parts of the central it is temperate and mild, damp and rainy. The northern part of the state is very dry with very cold Arctic condition and heavy snows and common.

Alaska is very beautiful and is covered by glaciers, lakes and rivers. It also has major mountain peaks of the Alaska, Brooks and Coast mountain ranges. The southern part of Alaska is covered with forested national parks and preserves. There are also many rivers valleys and streams.

Alaska does not use county names, but has 16 Boroughs and 11 geographical Census Areas
Aleutians East Borough - Aleutians West Census Area - Anchorage Borough - Bethel Census Area - Bristol Bay Borough - Denali Borough - Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area - Dillingham Census Area - Fairbanks North Star Borough - Haines Borough - Juneau Borough - Kenai Peninsula Borough - Ketchikan Gateway Borough - Kodiak Island Borough - Lake and Peninsula Borough - Matanuska-Susitna Borough - Nome Census Area - North Slope Borough - Northwest Arctic Borough - Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Sitka Borough - Skagway-Yakutat-Angoon Census Area - Southeast Fairbanks Census Area - Valdez-Cordova Census Area - Wade Hampton Census Area - Wrangell-Petersburg Census Area - Yakutat Borough - Skagway-Angoon Census Area - Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area

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