Antacids and Acid Reflux Disease

When you suffer from heartburn, the very first thing you may think of is gulping down an antacid tablet. Immediately after having an antacid, your pain and discomfort will disappear. You will feel relaxed and at ease in no time. The over-the-counter antacid drugs are quite effective. However, instead of relying on antacid medicines to overcome symptoms of acid reflux disease, it is advisable to make changes in your lifestyle and include natural antacid food items.

How Antacids Work?

It is quite understandable that antacids work by neutralizing the digestive acids of the stomach. The best time to take antacids is after an hour of having meals or when you experience heartburn and inflammation.

For fast relief, it is advisable to have liquid antacid as it has proven to act more quickly as compared to antacid tablets or chewable tablets. The only reason why people resort to antacid medicine is that offers quick relief. However, it only offers temporary relief. In other words, by having an antacid medicine, the burning sensation after having a meal can stop immediately. However, it does not guarantee that you won’t suffer from heartburn when you have your next meal. Also, it does not heal a damaged esophagus. If you have been having antacids for more than a week, you should consult with your doctor for better diagnosis of your health condition.

Side Effects of Antacids

Various antacids available at drugstores are of various types of components such as aluminum, magnesium and calcium carbonate. Antacids that contain aluminum and magnesium are known for various side-effects such as restlessness, constipation, loss of hunger, tiredness, mood swings, bone pain and osteoporosis. Even though antacids containing calcium bicarbonate are known to be the best in neutralizing the digestive acids of the stomach, it can also cause various side-effects like nausea, headaches, weariness, and muscle pain.

You should not take antacids when you feel uncomfortably full. Also, you must follow the instructions mentioned on the label. Overdose can cause you to suffer from above mentioned side-effects. If you are not sure about consuming antacids, you should talk with your doctor.

Natural Antacids

Instead of relying of antacid drugs, you should make use foods that are natural antacids to neutralize the stomach acids. Milk, bananas, yoghurt, clove oil, lemon juice, ice-cream, and other alkaline rich foods can give you instant relief from heartburn. It is also important to make lifestyle changes like exercising regularly, going to sleep after two or three hours of having meal and quitting smoking and drinking alcohol are some of the things that can aid in treating heartburn naturally.

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