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Job Titles

appeals officer
auditor (contract audit)
auditor (contract audit)
border patrol agent
cbp technician
claims assistant
claims representative
compliance analyst, cg-0301-11 (term nte 2 yrs)
compliance examiner (mid-career), cg-570-11
contract specialist
contract specialist / administrator / procurement analyst
criminal investigator
criminal investigator
criminal investigator za-1811-ii (gs-9)&iii (deu)
criminal investigator-special agent & special agent bilingual
criminal investigator-special agent & special agent bilingual
equipment specialist
financial administration & program specialist / analyst
human resources assistant / technician
information technology specialist
information technology specialist (information security)
information technology specialist (security)
intelligence research / operations specialist
internal revenue agent
internal revenue agent (gs-0512-12)
lead it specialist (network/customer support)
loan review specialist, cg-1160-11 (term nte 2 yrs)
management & program analyst (cotr), gs-0343-13/14
management / program analyst / officer
military pay clerk/technician
office automation assistant
office automation assistant
open mess manager / golf facility / bowling facility manager
program manager
protocol specialist
quality assurance specialist
revenue officer gs-1169-7
risk management examiner (mid-career), cg-570-11
security specialist
seized property specialist
soil conservationist, gs-457-05/07
special agent ex
student temporary employment program (step), gs-303-01/07
tax compliance officer
training /education technician
transportation security manager (bao), sv-1801-h
trial attorney (general)
various positions gg-0000-5/15


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