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- Your stomach pacemaker information source about the beneficial stomach and bulimia pacemakers, weight-loss pacemaker's and other non-heart, non-cardiac related pacemakers. Weight loss pacemaker implantation for losing weight, curing bulimia plus other medical and health conditions! Stomach pacemaker therapy avoids serious potential medical complications from dangerous treatment options such as "gastric bypass surgery" "obesity surgery" "lap band surgery" and starvation diets!

Actual photo of the stomach-pacemaker electric shock pacing device. Somewhat costly but the pace is well worth it to many who have tried other methods and need a new and better treatment approach!

Pacemaker treatment and "stomach pace-maker" implantation costs roughly $15,000, so it's not cheap but worth its cost to many men and women looking for something which works.

About stomachpacemaker, bulimiapacemaker, weightlosspacemaker, pace therapy pacemaker

Weight Loss Pacemakers are an electronic shocking new way to shed those unwanted pounds and lose-weight!

Why do you need to routinely before you leave for work first skip breakfast and then prepare a typical small low-calorie lunch and hope today may possibly result in a 1/2-pound weight-loss?

Many overweight people have struggled to lose weight their entire life. Now there is something truly SHOCKING for those struggling to diet for so long!

Some weight loss patients have been enrolled in medical trials testing an electrical shocking device - a "stomach pacemaker" if you will. A non-cardiac & non-heart-pacemaker device designed to help people lose weight and shed those unwanted pounds of fat!

The medical trial patients do not know if their weight-loss-pacemaker is actually on because the trial needs placebo pacemakers to prove it works or not.

However, one overweight subject say's she has lost 25-pounds over the past 9-months.

She sees the small surgical scar, of course, everyday, but she easily forgets it's there as time goes by and the pounds are lost.

The alternative use pacemaker is very similar to a heart pacemaker. The small disk is surgically implanted. It gives off a small electrical shock pulse in the stomach area which encourages your bodies system to curb hunger and food cravings.

Several small incisions are made in the abdominal wall and the pacemaker device is then installed. Thus far the alternative therapy pacemakers have been successfully surgically implanted in at least 200-people.

The basic theory is the pacemaker sends short and mild electrical signals to the stomach, and it appears the weight-loss patients brain tells the subject they are feeling full faster and do not have the good appetite they normally have.

Medical researchers and doctors do not know with certainty exactly how the weight loss pacemaker works but the pacemaker's mild electrical interference with normal electrical impulses in the patients stomach appears to tell people to open the refrigerator door less and put down the knife and fork.

The stomach pacemaker basically seems to be speeding up the electrical current and creating (if you will) chaotic electrical currents in the overweight stomachs.

It's expected that an obese patient can lose anywhere from 25% to as much as 40% of their excess body weight with a "stomach pacemaker" device. However, there is a catch in that healthy diet and exercise programs are also needed. Patients in the weight loss stomach-pacemaker trials attend support groups to help them fight food cravings.

The stomach pacemaker alone will not melt the pounds away. The weight-loss-pacemaker really needs some support from a good healthy diet and exercise routine for optimum health and losing weight. However, this little electrical disc may be capable of jump-starting the weight loss so many of us have been trying to achieve for so long!

new alternative treatment pacemakers for bulimia eating disorder!

Bulimia can easily both rule and ruin every respect
of the binge eating disorder bulimics life!

Bulimia is an eating disorder defined by routinely binging on large amounts of food, then purging all that food.

A typical food binge would be say, 10 or more donuts, a box of spaghetti, a pound of swiss cheese and a package of potato chips.

Seemingly little will quiet the bingers food urges until a researcher found a new new use for an old medical device.

A pacemaker which works and is similar to a cardiac heart pacemaker.

The anti-bulimia "bulimia pacemaker" is implanted under the patient's arm. Then on a 24X7 five-minute schedule it sends short electrical shocks which medical and diet researchers believe re-regulates important nerves which connect the brain and stomach.

Of the medical trial patients who have had the bulimia pacemaker implanted, they all showed improvement in their bulimia condition.

But not all doctors and physicians are convinced as a larger medical trial is needed for more convincing evidence - pro or con.

Researchers admit the medical tests are early and small but they say the results thus far are not only hype but quite encouraging so far.

Pacemakers used on bulimic patients are the first ray of hope bulimia illness can be controlled.

Since the bulimia treatment pacemaker was installed in her body the female patient recently reported no bulimic episodes in several weeks. The only noticeable sign she's being treated for her bulimia by a medical pacemaker is that when the electrical shock is discharged from the pacemaker it causes a small pinch in the throat and causes her voice to vibrate slightly or change pitch a bit.

Perhaps the the most amazing revelation of pacemaker use for bulimia is the apparent fact the small pacemaker device works so well at reducing bulimia symptoms. It seems to be proof, researchers say, that bulimia is not only a mental problem but is a real physical disorder.

Curing bulimia medically and not blaming on on a weak mind which is out of control removes the shame and embarrassment the bulimia patient was responsible for bulimia and not something he necessarily brought on himself or herself. The bulimia pacemaker is something which can show bulimia is not only a physiological disorder!

Thus far bulimia may not be totally cured in medical testing patients but they are "better." If this small disk holds up to the rigors or more testing and medical research, some predict bulimia patients could be on the road to a full eating disorder recovery! Click-here for Health Tip-of-the-Day.

P.S. It's always a good idea to do medical research about health and medical issues. A good source for health related information is Web Medical Doctor. Still another good doctor's resource is Doctors Evidence.

Alternative Medicine plus Natural Food and Herbal medicine websites may also help your overall health and fitness so you can avoid needing a stomach pacemaker! There are many other medical, health and wellness websites.

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