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Body Tightening

Body tightening can be accomplished with many different types of exercises, sports and activities which test the strength and resistance of your body.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting involves the application of various equipment to improve the targeted muscle groups and the type of equipment normally used are dumbbells, weighted bars, weight stacks and kettle bells.

Although, weight lifting is totally different from body building and weight training, it however forms a vital component to any well rounded fitness routine.

Weight lifting offers a continuum of benefits such as enhanced muscle tone, increased muscle strength, prevention of muscle and joint injury. Weight lifting also minimizes the risk of osteoporosis with better flexibility as well as flamboyant balance and decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Above all, weight lifting has been established to be very effective in increasing endurance, strength and tightening of the body.

Weight lifting has a long history. In olden times it was to test manhood. Weight lifting gained popularity in the 6th century with lifting heavy stones. Later, this century became known as the "age of strength."

Weight lifting competitions were first seen as a sport with athletics in 1896. Weight lifting competitions were not included in the Olympics of 1900. Again, the art of weight lifting was noticed in 1904, however still not accepted as a Olympic sport, until 1920, when it was finally given the Olympic status.

In those earlier times, the Olympics introduced some strange weight lifting programs such as, one and two handed lift with no weight division. However, rules changed in 1932 and five subdivisions were established and formed three disciplines, snatch, press and clean and jerk.

In snatch, the lifter would lift the weight above the head in one fast uninterrupted movement, however, in the second movement the weight is brought to the shoulders, then the weight is jerked out above the head.

In 1972, the press division was abolished and only snatch and clean jerk where accepted as sports to the Olympic discipline.

Weight Lifting Exercise

Weight lifting exercise is unique and a different type of technique is used because of the dynamic movement by lifting the weight under a full squat and with the lightening speed, moving the weight overhead with a fast movement of legs and hips to generate a large amount of force upon a loaded barbell.

Weight lifters are not only strong but possess a strong shoulder and hip flexibility. The proper gear gives weight lifters confidence. Sometime it boosts your energy and gives a high level of assurance to face the vigorous challenge of weight lifting.

Weight lifting exercise is not only necessary for getting the most benefit from your workout, however; it will also reduce the chances of sustaining a serious accident while doing exercise. Weight lifting exercise is not an easy task that you can do by yourself, rather it requires technique to lift weight to get the effective result.

The primary thing, which is necessary before weight lifting, is the warm up before starting your workout. Do your warm up at least 15 to 25 minutes before getting started. One more thing, which is very much important before weight lifting, is to stretch all your muscles that will be used in the routine.

It's very important to follow the weight lifting plan in order to get the desired results. Moreover, to take full advantage always make a change in your grip, start the curl with your palms facing in to your thighs, otherwise known as a neutral or hammer grip. As you curl up, rotate your forearm so that your palm is facing up at the top of the movement. You should feel a strong tightening in your biceps.

The principle work behind this weight lifting technique is the resistance which translates into more efficient work for the biceps and, ultimately, provides you with the best results in developing size.

Weight Lifting for Women

Weight lifting is a common way to develop strength and size of skeletal muscle. For women it's very common today. Women are looking forward in developing stronger muscles. The best part of weight lifting for women is to develop a stronger heart and stronger immune system. It also helps to control weight and offers protection against osteoporosis, a major disease which often occurs after menopause.

The importance of weight lifting for women should not be underestimated. If done properly, you can be a successful athlete or bodybuilder. Weight lifting for women is now recognized to be an essential part of any fitness regimen. Weight lifting has gained incredible popularity over the last decade and it's socially acceptable for women to take up weight lifting as a sport.

The bio mechanical system of women and men are different, though women have to work harder to get the similar results as men. The reason behind this is the physiological and hormonal. Men are typically stronger than women thus generate more force and men also produce ten times more testosterone than women. Testosterone helps in increasing muscle size. Thus, the concept is very clear that woman who have more testosterone may have a greater strength and power development than other women.

For developing the body, women must lift weight around 45-minutes twice a week. It's always advisable to check with your doctor before hitting the gym and similarly consult with a fitness expert before starting your exercise program.

It's better to start with strength development and the important thing to learn is the proper technique of weight lifting, because without proper technique one can get hurt and cause serious damage to the body. Once you've got the technique then you can start with heavy weights.

It's very important to note you should not feel pain while doing exercise, however you have to stress the muscles to build size. There are numerous different ways to get your muscles stronger. Equipment that play a major role in developing muscles are dumb bells, callisthenics, free weight, weight machine and stretch bands.

Weight lifting has been proven to benefit everyone, before, women relied on low calorie diets and cardiovascular activity to enhance physical appearance.

Sadly low calorie diet regimes can be very impractical and plummet the metabolic activity and, without strengthening the body. But weight lifting has changed the whole concept. Now everyone knows that weight is absolutely essential if anyone is to make visual changes to the body. Benefits of weight lifting are far beyond the visual effects.

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