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How to Zumba

You may already be wondering what Zumba is truly all about by now. It is a fusion of both dance and an exercise workout, featuring a variety of dance styles. Although the main rhythm is Latin, other international influences are also present in the mix. Knowing the basic principles will help you become better at it and burn the extra calories and fat.

Starting Zumba

Zumba lasts for about an hour and presents different dance moves coming from regions in Latin America. Some of the included moves are influenced by the meringue, salsa, reggae and even belly dance and hip hop. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout, where you can burn as much as 450 calories an hour. Choreographing the program can be quite challenging, so it is important that you begin each session by doing a few stretches and toning exercises. These should last for 15 minutes, aim to warm up all the major muscle groups during the pre-exercise.

The Choreography

Start choreographing the Zumba workout by doing samba moves for about 5 minutes. You can use the basic forward and back movements, keeping your heart rate up. After that, switch to meringue dance movements for another 5 minutes. The merengue is composed of 3 basic motions, namely the forward basic motions, the side basic motions and the back basic motions. These can be mixed in any way using variations in the posture as you dance.

After 5 minutes, move on to dancing the salsa for 5 minutes. Begin by tapping on the first beat, then step forward using the same foot. Back on the same foot then dance to variations of the motion. You may include reggae, hip hop, reggae-ton and a number of belly dance movements during the workout. Mix the movements using the Latin dance moves. You will realize that the fusion of different dances and rhythms make Zumba truly unique.

Using Interval Training

One of the principles behind the Zumba workout is that you incorporate interval training. This means that you move from one dance to the next in increments, such as dancing the salsa for 5 minutes, hip hop for 5 minutes, merengue for 5 minutes, and so on. Your heart rate and breathing differs, depending on the movements and demands of the dances. This allows your metabolism to enhance, thereby burning calories while doing the exercise and continuously while at rest.

Although the pace may be too challenging for first time exercisers and older adults, the Zumba Gold is also available, which reduces the beat and pace. Seniors and true beginners get to experience a comfortable and entertaining start. They will be introduced to the steps until they are ready to go with Zumba Basic and Level 2.

Professional Help

If you want to learn the Zumba well, you should join a number of workshops and activities together with certified Zumba instructors. There are now more than 2,000 instructors all around the world, complete with the right skills, knowledge and materials to let you enjoy the activity fully. You can get more tips in forums and the web site. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and eat the right type of diet to experience the different fitness benefits of the program. Mastering the Zumba takes time. Try to squeeze in 2 to 3 sessions per week to get better over time.

How to Lose Weight with Zumba

Zumba has become widely popular because it offers a very unique approach to losing weight. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have shed the pounds for good, going only for 2 to 3 workouts each week. There are a few other guidelines you need to keep in mind too, if you want optimum results for the long term. Zumba is a fun and exciting way to lose fat.

The Zumba Way

Zumba fuses both Latin and international music and dance selections, thereby creating a very exciting, dynamic and creative fitness program. The routines are characterized by both fitness and aerobic interval training that combines both slow and fast movements to sculpt and tone the whole body. Zumba makes use of interval training and resistance training principles to boost calorie and fat burn. The entire body gets toned with special effects on problems areas like the glutes, arms, abs and legs. The heart benefits a lot because of the continuous flow of the workout.

Zumba mixes body sculpting movements with very easy to follow dance movements such as the cumbia, mambo, salsa, merengue and flamenco. Other types are also added like belly dance and hip hop. The dances incorporate so many movements like hip swiveling, toe tapping, arm swinging, etc. to make people want to move and burn calories more. The good thing about Zumba is that you do not feel like you're working out. The entire 1-hour session takes on a party atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more.

What to Expect

One of the advantages of Zumba when trying to lose weight is that the workout does not require much. You do not need to be an expert in dancing or have any background. You can also wear any type of loose comfortable clothing. It puts fun back into the fitness program. There are no age requirements as well. Teenagers, sedentary individuals and the elderly can still enjoy and burn extra calories through the program. Zumba Gold is available specifically for those who have a hard time moving or are confined in a wheelchair.

Most classes typically last 1 hour. Instructors generally choreograph their own personal routine, although they do go to workshops and join forums and an internal network wherein they can continually hone their craft and give you the best burn for a better body. You can burn a minimum of 450 calories in a single session. You only need to workout 2 to 3 times each week to get the results you want.

Why It's Ideal

Zumba is the ideal fitness program for individuals aiming to get rid of the extra pounds because it takes away common pitfalls like boredom, difficult movements and very slow results. You can expect results in a matter of 2 weeks or so, depending on the intensity and your diet program. Since the music is one of the main components of the workout, you stay entertained throughout, giving your more opportunities to be consistent in your fitness routine.

Most individuals admit hating to skip Zumba classes because it is one of the best ways to unwind, while staying lean and healthy. Zumba classes are also very affordable. You can register beforehand or go for trial sessions to have an idea how the program goes. Check the available classes near your area and assess the background of the instructors.

Understanding the Many Benefits of Zumba

Some people may think that Zumba is just another over hyped exercise program. However, you may not realize that it actually took years to develop and is truly unique because of the variety of influences and original approach to exercising and dancing. Latin rhythms are a general part of the routine, so you get to enjoy music, stay fit and de-stress at the same time.

Physical Benefits

Zumba can keep you in shape, since you burn so many calories in a given session. Each class lasts approximately 1 hour each. Some say that you can burn at least 470 calories in a single session. You only need to do the workout 2 to 3 times a week to stay fit and lean. Zumba can also enhance your motor control and performance. As you go on practicing the moves, you get to have more control over your muscles and get on the groove easily. Zumba Gold, in particular, enhances the range of motion of exercisers, as well as their overall bone density, strength and flexibility.

Zumba is good for people of all ages. Even the elderly can gain physical advantages so they stay strong and supple even in their later years. If you want to get rid of the extra fat and stay fit for life, you can rely on the program since it helps you continuously expend calories and fat even while you're at rest by boosting your metabolism. Learning the new moves and steps also boosts your cognitive function. You get to increase focus and concentration. You may also find that you become capable of doing pain-free activities for the long term.

Mental Advantages

When you're fit or exercising, the body releases hormones that make you feel good. As an effect, you gain increased self-esteem and confidence. You get an overall feeling of wellness. Your quality of life also improves and becomes empowered. Relaxation becomes enhanced which takes away a lot of anxiety, depression and stress. There are more opportunities for social interaction. The routine is also very fun so you do not get the feeling that everything becomes redundant.

Zumba eases boredom by incorporating different tunes, steps and dances.