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Kid’s Health and Exercise: Advice for Moms and Parents

- When children are born, they have the most efficient internal organs. Comparison of an adult’s internal organ to your child’s would prove your child’s organ to be much healthier. Health when nurtured and cared grows better. Similarly, your child’s immunity will become most efficient only when his or her health is nurtured and cared systematically. You take care of your child’s health from the very beginning to ensure all of its needs are fully met.

Food is the most vital factor affecting your child’s health. However, this does not mean your children should eat more for better health. Too much fast food at this age could make your child obese at a very tender age. Your child should have a balanced nutritious diet. Intellectual and behavioral development along with good physical development also adds to your child’s health.

Exercise plays a key role in developing your kid’s health. It helps your kid maintain a good muscular system and a stronger body metabolism. It increases their body flexibility and helps maintain body weight. Physical activity, especially for girls is very important as it has a direct effect on her future health and weight. Your child needs at least 40 minutes of continuous play a day to have proper bone health and growth.

Sometimes, children are born with various disorders, which might show their symptoms at a later stage. So, an annual health care visit for a complete body checkup is an essential aspect of growth and development. These preventive health care visits would lead to a healthy future for your child. Vaccinating infants and children is one of the ways to help your child lead a happy and peaceful childhood. The most obvious factor behind your child’s health and future is proper parenting. It would also help your child have a happy and peaceful childhood free of diseases.

Kids Eating Healthy

Fast food is a big part of modern life these days, making it very hard to teach a child how he or she should eat healthy. The cheapest and easiest foods are those that are normally the least healthy. If you give your child the choice between healthy food and junk food, you normally won't like the results.

Even though it isn't possible to get a child to like all healthy foods, there are some ways to get your child to try and hopefully like at least a few of them. You can be as creative as you like, as getting kids to eat healthy foods can be a little harder than you may think.

Sneak the healthy food in. Even though it would be great if your kid understood the importance of fruits and vegetables, this isn't always possible. If you can't get them to eat good food willingly, there are ways to sneak them in, such as making muffins out of bananas or apples, or pizza with spinach on it.

Call fruits and vegetables by funny names. You can refer to broccoli as "trees", making them more fun to eat. There are many different names you can call fruits and vegetables, even making up your own if you prefer. Most kids prefer to eat foods that sound fun.

Make the foods taste better. Ranch dressing is great for broccoli, while peanut butter is a great topping for celery. There are several combinations for vegetables that can make them taste much better. You can let your child pick a topping for a vegetable, even if it's something you wouldn't normally like yourself.

Dress the vegetables up. Just as much as calling them names help kids eat healthy foods, making them look funny also helps. You can do this by making funny designs on the plate, or setting them up to look like people. Although some parents don't like their kids playing with their food, sometimes it helps to get them to eat healthier.

There are several ways to make your kids eat healthier, but to make them enjoy it also has to be fun as well. This isn't always an easy task, because kids normally don't like foods that are good for them. It can however, be done with a bit of creativity. Hopefully, doing this will help your child develop a love of healthy foods for the rest of their lives.

family watching tv together

Children love watching TV, and they can learn from it too. Keep in mind, though, that small children often imitate what they see, good or bad. It's up to you to decide how much TV and what kinds of shows your child watches.

Think about your child's age and choose what types of things you want him to see, learn, and imitate. Look for shows that teach your child something, hold his interest, encourage him to listen and question, help him learn more words, make him feel good about himself, and introduce him to new things. Shows such as "Sesame Street," "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," and "Arthur" are some you may want to consider. Many other good children's programs are on public television stations and on cable channels, such as Disney and Nickelodeon, and on YouTube, such as this amazing video musical performance by Isabelle:

Limit times and length of TV you allow your children to watch. Too much television cuts into important activities in a child's life such as reading, playing with friends, and talking with family members. Watch TV with your child when you can. Talk with your child about what you see. Answer his questions. Try to point out the things on TV that are like your child's everyday life.

When you can't watch TV with your children, pay attention to what the child is watching. Ask questions after the show ends. See what excites the kids and what troubles the kids. Find out what he has learned and remembered. Go to the library and find books that explore the themes of the TV shows your child watches. Or help your child make a book based on a TV show, using the kids drawings or pictures cut from family magazines.

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