Islamic Emirate (of Afghanistan) is a country of 40-million people sitting at the crossroads of South and Central Asia, in an area called Heart of Asia. There's a good information source about the Islamic Emirate nation state on Wikipedia.

The domain name is a 2019 name which is important because its registration date was 2-years before the formation of newly named Islamic Emirate country in August 2021.

There's good news in that there's no advertising permitted on this web page is a great website name for a developer. Islamic Emirate is popular in search engines with 1,500,000 results in Google, the last time we checked it. Here's a link to the Official Islamic Emirate (.af) website.

A very interesting statistic reveals our dot-com URL receives more than 80% of its visitors from people typing-in "Islamic Emirate" followed by its dot-com domain ending in a web-browser. That's a powerful benefit and precursor of high value via the URL getting regular visits, with no paid marketing!

Real country dot-com domain names are incredibly valuable with typical values far over $1,000,000. This is an extremely rare opportunity to buy the name of a nation for less than 1-million!

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