The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is a country of about 40-million people located at crossroads of South & Central Asia, in an area called Heart of Asia. There's a good information source about the Islamic Emirate nation state on Wikipedia.

The Wiki link above is a very interesting in-depth read covering the incredible history of the Islamic Emirate going back thru its long and turbulent history. All we can do is hope and pray the new "Islamic Emirate Government" peacefully succeeds and does good in the future to benefit all the good people of Afghanistan.

Islamic woman praying

The Afghanistan economy today is made worse by serious commodities and food shortages. The United States had frozen $7-billion Afghan Central Bank assets, which funds of course can help the nation.

frozen assets would greatly help Afghan people buy commodities and food products

We understand the islamic state plans to work vigorously to get its funds released. A key to that issue is to assure the World its frozen funds will only be used to help Afghanistan people and nothing else. is a high-value premium domain name for sale

The domain name "" is a 2019 name which is important because its registration date was 2-years before the formation of the newly named Afghan nation in August 2021.

Please note; the official country name is a lengthy "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" however people (both domestic & foreign) prefer using the short unofficial name of Islamic Emirate. A perfect analogy is people typically saying 'United States" instead of the official long country name United States of America. is a great website name for a developer. 'Islamic Emirate' is popular in search engines with over 3,000,000 Google results, last time we did a search for "islamic emirate"   P.S. Here's a link to the Official Government (.af) website.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan New Afghanistan flag of 2021

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Afghan school children

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