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Sound-alike, look-alike or related names: If your competitors set up a similar domain name and website (or use a different tld name ending) your potential customers may be tricked into visiting another website and less traffic to you. To prevent that consider buying copycats, similar-sounding and name variations to forward to your site.

A risk of typos: If your domain or site uses any uncommon, unusual or unique words, some people will mistype it or not spell it correctly. In that case, it’s a good idea to purchase domain names which cover possible misspellings or variations of your business name or domain name. Then you can easily automatically forward people who accidentally make a typo error when seeking you to your correct URL and website name.

Exact match keyword target your website category: You can benefit from exact-match targeted domains so it's clear what your website is about. For example, if you offer monetary advice MoneyMatters.org is really good. Or BusinessBuySell.com works well if providing a biz buying/selling service. Altenative keyword domains also helps deal with competitors using related names to enable you to better control your niche...

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Crunchbase® on Real Word Names

Every year or so Crunchbase.com News likes taking a look at what’s hot in startup naming. It's a process involving reading names of more than 1,000 recently founded and funded startups in English-speaking nations looking for trends.

The last time we did this, our broad takeaway was seed-stage companies were moving away from weird-sounding names in favor of more conventional monikers. Recent years indicate that name-trend continues to accelerate.

Call it year-of-the-noun. Funded startups are increasingly choosing brands made up of recognized words or names describing what they actually do. The crazy, silly, weird spelling name-trend seems to have waned a lot. People are a bit longer with names and going back to English words...
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Name changes and name variations: If your brand or business is known by more than one identity or name, it’s a good idea to buy additional domains to make it easy for everyone to find you. Or, if you are changing your company name, you can buy and host the website on the new domain name, and forward the old name to the new domain.

Descriptive names: Different people can think of your website or brand in various ways, and not necessarily by its official name. An example is people visiting the singular URL such as FederalLoan.org however your site is FederalLoans.org (plural) so we recommend acquiring domains to precisely target name and URL variations and related domains.

Exact match targeting products or services: You can use a keyword domain to help make it clear what you offer and your site is all about, for example if selling trade seminars; TradeSeminars.com or TradingSeminars.com are exact-match real names, and if you offer online-trading on the-web or via an exchange, Webtrading®.com is a category dominating 26-year old financial markets name (and higher priced option). With that said, it's worth the funds to control a major financial niche...

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Webtrading® Portals, web-pages and domains cover 100s of subjects and topics; especially in 3 top categories

♦ Trading the Markets, Money and Investing Info Network; a place for financial knowledge, how to make money, when to take profits, best stop-loss and entry methods, how to use time-cycles, gann trading techniques, the secrets on day trading, what's a good trading system to buy. Markets such as; i.e. corn, soybeans, gold, silver, FX, tbonds, emini's, S&P and other market names. Webtrading® has been on an ongoing mission since July 1996 helping traders make money by getting on that Long & Winding Road to Success with knowledge on all aspects of trading and day-trading, trading systems, risk reduction, moving averages, technical analysis, how to trade stocks and options, forex, bonds, currencies, futures, stocks, annuities, the exchange, mutual funds, exchange based trading, investing. We have numerous great domains which are about many of these financial subjects, investing or trading the markets for success.

♦ Health Wellness Fitness & Disease Info Network; a place to learn about health and fitness issues about health and healthy living, disease signs, symptoms causes and cures, kids health, activities and child learning. Health conditions and disease issues and questions are covered, for example: Emphysema treatment options, how to get healthy skin? How to live longer? Is there an arthritis cure? What is COPD? How serious is pneumonia? etc. We also have a fabulous in-site search engine to find health related domains and extensive Health Wellness & Disease subjects and health wellness search for wellness and health resources and web-pages about health issues like 5-year survival rates, longevity, exercise, charities, health and fitness, health websites, disease prevention and cures, health websites, family & kids health wellness plus more.

♦ Websites & Domain Names For-Sale, Child Education, Vu-Tube, COA, Info Network; a place you can inquire about and purchase great domain names or major website for sale, business names for-sale, available websites, domain or website appraisals and explore our entire Website and Domain Name Network to find resources, websites and domains on misc subjects including lots of coverage about money matters, family and children health wellness and disease, trading the financial markets, exchange, investing, futures, forex and the stock market and how to buy a good trading system and trader methodology. You can look for domains and websites (i.e. webtrading.com and webtrading.org) if interested in buying a great website and name or buying a domain names like the domain which may have led you here and similar or related domain names, including a number of high value premium domains and website names.

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