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1. Seller Bio:

David Green is an Internet Entrepreneur who developed his first website more than two-decades ago in year-1996. Many great domains with substantial traffic and tens of 1000s of well-targeted content-pages and knowledge are now available for network acquisition due to David's upcoming retirement. David was involved in various online activities such as the following:

  • All Aspects of Money and Money Matters of All Kinds
  • How to Trade Stocks, Commodities, Options and Futures
  • Providing Extensive Knowledge on Numerous Subjects
  • Best Ways and Methods to Be Successful Online
  • How to Make Money Trading the Financial Markets
  • Extensive System Development and HTML Coding
  • Website Development involving 100s of Sites
  • Domain Names and Website Buying & Selling
  • Search-Engine Optimization and Online Marketing
  • Investing, Trading and Financial related domains and Sites
  • Health, Wellness and Disease related domains and Sites

2. Executive Summary

Webtrading Network is a fully developed portal website which gets quality, natural type-in and search engine traffic going to all areas of its 10 major categories. The Network also runs very well-aged highly targeted domains, including a number of high-value premium domains.

All domains included in the network sale are shown on the Featured & Highlighted Name Page. The vast majority of our 333 Network Domain Names forward to 10,000+/- relevant and targeted content-match pages in the all-encompassing three primary content categories areas.

There are a few premium domains included in Network sale which are free and not for sale individually. Details on specific domains can be found in the featured page and links to get more info and how to purchase it.

Alexa.com has issued a certified status to this portal and reports nearly 10,000 pages are online and certified. Here is the Alexa Certified Status Report.

There are a number of important network components with one being the high-value premium flagship name Webtrading.com. It was a well-known website before its conversion to the Network. Its been online since 1996, making it one of the oldest and longest continuously running financial sites on the-web today!

The Network top 10 resources consist of tens of 1000s of well-targeted content pages covering diverse and targeted subjects and areas like: Health Wellness Fitness and Disease | Web-Trading and Investing in the Markets | Stocks Commodity Futures, Forex & Options and Money Matters.

In addition, there's considerable in-depth information on various health issues and diseases such as: Emphysema | COPD | Meningitis and other Disease Conditions, Prevention and Treatment | VT View-Tube on Misc Products and Services | Authenticity Certificates | Net Smart Kids Child Learning, Kids Activities | Domains & Websites.

3. Highlights

Webtrading Organization Network consists of its large portal website Webtrading.org, 10,000+/- knowledge-packed and targeted content pages along with 333 great targeted domains.

An important number of the content pages, domains and top-10 resources are money related like: commodity futures trading, forex, stock market and options. The key domains are mostly financial trading websites and also health wellness and disease and money-matters related.

A number of domains are appraised at high-valuations by well-known online name appraisers. A reason the majority but not necessarily all 333 network domain-names are currently listed for-sale, is to supplement income via ongoing domain sales, which we anticipate will continue.

The Network's Central Portal Domain Name is a place where the tens of 1000s of informative content pages are located and webtrading.org is the base-site of all pages and also where the 333 great targeted domains forward to, which are included in the transaction.

In addition to the significant asset of owning a premium 1996 domain Webtrading.com owns a US Federal Trademark Registration (which can be assigned to the network buyer).

You can see the complete click-able domain list and read some details about all the names by Clicking-Here to view and read info on all 333 network domains.

There are Top-10 category specific high-value domains in the portal. That short-list is not necessarily the highest value domains as there are others with similar or more value, but they represent the 10 content categories.

The Network receives substantial high-quality internet-traffic as you can see from that 12-month Google Analytics data and also shown on the 90-Day Alexa Traffic Report.

The report from Alexa reveals a significantly high 88% of the Network traffic comes from the most desired nation which is via USA direct navigation visitors (data from Alexa is not necessarily up-to-date but seems unlikely to change much and was based on last time checked).

A significant percentage of Network traffic comes via what is considered the highest-value website traffic source, also known as direct navigation traffic. That's commonly from a URL being typed directly in the browser.

Here's a report on analytics traffic acquisition direct type-in visitor and direct-navigation stats showing a very impressive number of type-in direct navigation visitors over a recent 30-day time period.

Data from Alexa.com is quite impressive and is even better (we do not know why) vs Google Analytics, revealing an extremely high average of 37-minutes on site and extremely low Bounce-Rate of just 22%, along with a very strong and impressive 11 page-views for every site visitor! Follow the Alexa link above to see the interesting and strong stats.

As some names (slowly) sell, we strive to replace sold domains with similar good new domains. We have a goal to not downgrade the network overall asset valuation over time, which has been working well. Please note; selling domains is not that common because it's not a liquid market, making it fairly easy to maintain the network's asset value.

With that said, occasional domain sales for substantial prices can add significant income to the network. In addition, future sales are expected to increase with our enhanced and powerful new upgraded domain-name sales methods. We are not able to reveal details about the methodology here, but of course it will be detailed to the eventual lucky buyer.

4. Operations

We have spent ages building this large size portal to the point today where there's very little time or work involved in running the portal. There's little to do beyond checking to see it's resolving and handling possible domain sale inquiries you will receive from time-to-time.

As we said, after decades of work planning, development, coding and buying domains plus putting it all together into a large easy to navigate network there's now very little work to do. A few thoughts on future work to consider doing is a lot more web-page advertising, seeking site-sponsors, offering products or services and joining content related affiliate programs. We had little time to explore revenue generation due to vast amounts of effort on network development.

Some potential work we can think of is checking to verify the web-hosting server is up-and-running (its never been an issue, with at least 99% up-time), renewing domains and related services, plus handling occasional inquiries to possibly purchase domain names.

Ongoing domain-sale inquiries are normally shown on the platforms, by email or occasional phone calls, with much of that work now done by a domain platform and contacts from time-to-time via a few other web-firms.

Regarding web-hosting; The Network runs on a High-Speed Linux with cPanel. Power for complex sites and heavy traffic. 2x processing power and memory. Premium DNS. Unlimited storage. Unlimited sub-domains if desired. 25GB Automatic Website Backups. Deluxe Website Security. Dedicated Hosting IP Address.

As a free benefit to the network buyer and assuming you want to keep the current web-hosting plan (instead of optionally migrating to a different host) we have prepaid the above hosting plan until Aug 2021 and the SSL Certificate until Oct 2020.

5. Seller Notes

The large portal site became fully operational recently after a very long time and vast amounts of effort and hard work in building the network to be a fully developed operational strong web-portal site. The Analytics traffic data prior to Sept 2019, was based on traffic going to the small developed site webtrading.org, before being converted to a large portal website Aug/Sept 2019.

That's why the Analytics traffic data greatly increased over the past few months because Google analytics is now reporting on total of all web-traffic going to all the pages on the large portal. There is also a small group of valuable domains (included in the network sale) which earn pay-per-click revenue at a parking firm. The parking provider does not have access to Google Analytics thus traffic from those names is not recorded by Analytics

That results in Network traffic even higher vs what Google Analytics reports. For example, there were 288,231 visits via parked names (all parked domains are also included in the network), with over 11k passive income over a recent 12-months via a small number of quality parked names. As a side note, it's widely reported PPC revenue in general had a major decline and was substantially higher several years ago.

P.S. Included with the sale (upon buyer request) we can keep the portal running for you (at no cost) on its current server for as long as 60-days. The owner is available to you as a consultant for help or any questions and the transfer of all assets.