The Webtrading trader training course comes to you on your choice of Classic video cassette tapes, DVDs, CDs, PC Thumb Drive or Downloadable, with its time-tested trading methods based on sound trading principles, revealing how Webtrading blends it together in a coherent trading plan for your success. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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The Webtrading trader training course comes to you on your choice of DVDs, CDs, PC Thumb Drive, Download or Original Classic Cassette Video Tapes, revealing its time-tested trading methods and how we blend them together into a coherent trading plan, based on sound trading principles and using Webtrading methods for your success.

You can learn to trade commodity futures, stocks or cryptocurrencies using our methodology. Webtrading System and trading principles are valid in all financial markets.

Tape One - The first tape is a general overview of our methodology and trading tools we use. The trading products we utilize and how these trading tools work and mesh together.

Plus, our 100% Internet-Based day-trading methodology is outlined in general terms.

Tape-1 also shows how to get the trading products (if you do not already have them) and how to set them up for optimal performance and worry-free use.

Tape Two - This Tape is dedicated to the complete Webtrading trading methods. We go into concise detail on Tape 2 on the total combined methodology, including our use of Keltner Channels and Keltner Bands, Swing-Highs and Swing-Lows, Support & Resistance areas as plotted on intra-day bar-charts.

In addition, we will reveal perhaps our most valuable trading secrets on how we successfully blend various time period charts together to predict market direction. This merging of four varied time-frame bar-charts is something unique and could very well be the closest thing there will ever be to the trader's "Holy Grail," though of course it's NOT the Holy Grail, which so many traders expect to find!

A secret to potentially consistent and successful commodity futures, stock market and options trading, combined with reasonable risk and draw-down, is to figure out the market trend for the specific time frame you are actually trading, either up or down. This way your trades may be made in the direction of the anticipated trend, either long trades or short trades.

We will reveal the amazing secret methods on r exactly how we manage to blend and combine the four bar-charts we review on-line while actively trading.

We will show you the unique and easy-to-use proprietary ways these on-line bar-charts are combined together to predict short-term market trend direction. This is something we do from time-to-time during the trading day so we can take day-trades in the direction of the estimated trend, be it bullish or bearish.

You will be shown a secret method we have used to review the online S&P Market bar-charts during the course of the trading day, including an S&P 30-minute chart, 15-minute chart, 5-minute chart and our primary trading chart, the very short-term quick reaction 1-minute chart.

These four futures charts are all evaluated from time-to-time during times of active trading, consecutively - one chart after the other, using our secret and proprietary trend prediction methodology to arrive at our anticipated trade direction. We use both our tradestation trading screen and a pen and paper to do this amazing chart blending technique.

Note: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) starts trading the S&P at 8:30 AM (Central Time) and 6:30 AM (Pacific Time). Even though we usually do not start actual trading until 9:00 AM (Chicago Time) or later, we still want to monitor and chart the early trading.

Tape Three - We are watching and recording the e-mini-sp trade in real-time on our TradeStation 2000i screen. As this electronically based market trades in real-time we show you our trading methodology secrets on how we blend various time-frame intra-day bar-charts together to make predictions on short-term market trends.

You will see in real-time trading, exactly how we use "stop-losses" to typically limit our risk on potential losing trades to approx. $250 per trade, or even less on some day-trades.

You will observe how and when we take trading profits, using several unique profit-taking techniques, including support and resistance areas, Keltner bands, or specific profit target prices and a secret target method we are using.

As you learn all these day trading secrets, we will also be "Pulling the Trigger" on actual Internet based trades on Tape. You will watch your TV screen as we show you exactly how each trade sets-up in real-time.

You will see Dave entering market orders into his Internet Broker's Software, press his Submit Button and get his fill back, typically within approximately 3 to 7 seconds! This is not a misprint; it normally takes 7 seconds or less!

With this comparatively low-stress approach to futures trading we normally only take from 1 to 3 trades per trading day, though there are usually many more trading opportunities during the day than 3 trades or less, some days as many as 8 or more trade setups may occur. You may decide to trade all day and more frequently.

We recommend you not be put in a position where you are guilty of "over-trading". It also causes excessive stress, so we try to limit trading to no more than three trades per day. However, if the market looks and acts real good, some days we are tempted to trade more frequently (and sometimes we have done this) but we try hard to avoid this temptation.

We also usually trade during the mornings, from 9:00 AM thru approximately Mid-Day, Chicago Time. However, during these Tapes we may very well make more than our typical 1 to 3 real-time trades and trade the afternoons also, following the market thru the close.

The number of trader training trades we do on the Tapes depend on the markets trend and its overall signature, which prevailed on our live-trading days. Also taken into consideration is the need to trade more frequently than is normally recommended as a way to teach the methodology in a hands-on interactive way.

Tape Four - Is basically repeat of what we did on Tape-3 but involving more real-time Internet trades and goes into greater detail. We also cover the use of time-cycles and trendlines on this last Real Success Tape, and how to combine them with our primary trading techniques.

Tape Five, Six & Seven - Are Bonuses

By adding these additional trading tools to our basic Real Success trading method, it can make the method possibly work even better for you!

We keep our computers and data feed on-line until the S&P market closes. After we stop trading at the 3:15 PM (Chicago Time) day session close there will be a specific question and answer session to clarify any issues needing clarification or more details.

Please Note: Profitable trading is not and cannot be guaranteed and there is always a risk of loss. However, there is also a possibility for you to get on the road to trading success, though it is not an easy road for many traders!

With the Real Success Methodology, you will have the capability to potentially increase your Wealth through the Power of Education, which our CTCN Newsletter and Real Success Cassette Tape Training Course offer.

Our goal is to educate the trader on the opportunities traders face by using hands-on teaching methods. The time to act is NOW! Many Markets Are NOW at or Near Historic Highs or Lows, and ready for perhaps a once In A LIFETIME profit move for participants. Will you be ready to catch it? Remember, once in a lifetime moves only come once in a lifetime.

Many commodities, futures, stocks and stock indices could literally explode higher or drop rapidly at any time. Learn how to potentially profit from the markets with our knowledge base video Tape home study trading courses we offer traders.

During your involvement with our trading services, you will get lots of unique knowledge, trading techniques and trading tools to capitalize on the huge profit potential prevalent in the commodity futures, options and stock markets.

Now more than ever the markets are ready for historical moves like we have never seen before. Unfortunately, the majority of traders lose money because of the following reasons:

  1. No valid trading plan and complete trading methodology
  2. Poor risk-management and improper or no use of stop-losses
  3. Lack of Trading Knowledge
  4. Using a Trading Plan which is not based on Sound Trading Principles and capable of potentially reducing the size of losing trades and overall account drawdown.

Real Success offers traders both the science and the art of our methodology to give the trader an advantage with reasonable risk (vs other trading methods which typically use much higher stop-loss orders), and comparatively small stop-losses we recommend our clients us. Of course, all commodity trading is in fact high risk - to clarify, we are talking about less risk on most trades due to smaller than typical stops.

Very importantly, we will teach you unique stop-loss and potentially lower drawdown approaches to try and minimize risk, but at the same time allow for trading profits without getting stopped-out too frequently, which is a balancing act at times.

The Real Success Course can teach you how you may potentially master successful commodity futures, options and stocks trading. Our goal is for you to be a successful trader, thanks to trading knowledge.

This Cassette Tape Training Course will tell you about the reward and very importantly, also the substantial risk, so nothing is likely to surprise you in your quest for trading success. Please place your order NOW!

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