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Greg Donio's Manuscript on Options Trading. Greg Donio once phoned in a profit-taking order from his home office desk. Later he called his options' broker for the results after stepping off a ferryboat at Statue of Liberty Island. On the back of a blue leaflet that said Three Dollar Tourist Discount he wrote down the specifics of a 70% gain. Having taken 4-weeks, this annualized to over 900%, if you buy the adage that time is money. His amount ventured is typically under $1,500.

Greg said, "I think of myself as a trader on horseback, jotting the key arithmetic on the back of an envelope. Or a gum-shoe reporter phoning it in from the wharf or the tavern. Successful option trading does not - repeat - not require proficiency in calculus or a degree in engineering. It can be done part-time quite comfortably and does not involve clinging for hours to a computer screen like a doomed daytrader. My way is armored with risk reducers, but is serious business and not for the "casual" or the "trifler."

In speculation, Mr. Donio explained, "it is not hard to come out ahead repeatedly or with reasonable consistency if you can buy an investment dollar for 25 or 35 cents before venturing it, or buy a stock share or a casino chip for only 25 or 30% of what other people are paying. Anybody can lose, but if the outcome is 75 or 50 cents, you win while those who paid 100 cents on the dollar weep. That reduces it from a crap-shoot risk to a business risk. That is the Wells Fargo strongbox of my option methodology."

We offer not one, but two instructional monographs written by Greg Donio: The Double Eagle Professional Option Strategy and The Independent Trader's Bankroll Report - Options.

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