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Anonymous Trading Product Developer & Trader - CTCN Advertiser - writes:

Dear Dave, A couple of years ago, I advertised my trading technique monographs: in CTCN, Club 3000 News and Futures Magazine. The differences in response surprised me. You won not by a nose but by the whole horse. For the record, my name appears on the envelope carrying this letter but on this page I prefer to remain anonymous. Trading is a small world and I do not want any Chicago financial editors mad at me. By the way, I invested in a no-load mutual fund solely with the proceeds from my ad in your publication. Deepest thanks."

Bruce Babcock - Editor of Commodity Traders Consumer Report, writes: "Sharing ideas and experiences with fellow traders is an invaluable learning tool. Unfortunately, there are so few commodity traders, it is not always easy to make contact. CTCN News. is a terrific way to learn directly from other traders, both professional and non-professional. The low annual subscription cost is an excellent investment for any serious trader."  

Name Withheld of Name Withheld - Well-known trading product provider & author - letter - "I am impressed with your (technical analysis) work."  

Mike Greg Donio - CTCN Advertiser - writes: "Enclosed is the manuscript of an article I just wrote. I ask that it be considered for publication in the Newsletter. Documentation is enclosed ... xeroxes of brokers' confirmation slips - for the transactions described on pages six to nine of the manuscript. Today I just received another order and another inquiry on the Donio manuscripts , both from TCN people. You really left Futures Magazine at the starting gate!"  

Dr. Gerald Greenwald, M.D. - CTCN Advertiser - writes: "I wanted to thank you for your fine service with the CTCN and to apprise you of the many responses I have received to my CTCN ad. It is gratifying to see an honest and responsible gentleman running and publishing a fine forum for the exchange of ideas. Keep up the good job. Thanks."  

Bob McGovern - CTCN Advertiser - writes on Jan 6th."Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the advertisement I placed in the Commodity Traders Club News. Since the October issue, I have received thirty-seven requests for a sample of my "Bob McGovern's Commodity Futures Spreads," my bi-weekly Newsletter on spreads. Dave, I think you are doing a great job with the Commodity Traders Club News. Keep up the fine work, and by all means continue to run my advertisement!"  

Bob Pelletier - A pioneer in the data business and originator of the widely used CSI data format & president of the leading data supplier Commodity Systems Inc., (CSI) has to say this in a letter: "Having received your new Commodity Traders Club News for several months now, I want to compliment you on: (1) The high level professional quality found in the contributed letters; (2) The unbiased, informative and positive nature of each presentation, and; (3) The lack of vendor bashing that is often the underlying theme of a competing newsletter. I have found that when you report matters honestly and at a high level, readers will anxiously await your helpful correspondence. You are doing just that."  

Larry Williams - Famous Trader, System Developer, Author of Books such as How I Made One Million Dollars Last Year Trading Commodities & The Definitive Guide To Futures Trading, has this to say in a recent issue of his Commodities Timing Newsletter: "There's been a recent advertising flood of systems and seminars. I can't track them all for you, but will comment on what I know about -- Commodity Traders Club News is a neat little newsletter that is different than Club 3000, in that there are more constructive articles, trading tips, etc." Call Dave Green at 623-551-5090

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