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University for Forex Trading

Forex University

The Way of Commodity Trading

The Beginning - You do not have to like commodity trading -- like what is in the trading: the opportunity to find yourself. The time spent trading commodities can be a parable for the rest of the day (or for the rest of your life). Align yourself with the higher purpose of fulfilling your own potential and joy will be the result.

The Commodity Markets - It is a myth that the commodity futures markets make sense. Markets are nonlinear, infinite parameter worlds and therefore are chaotic. Nothing is firm, nothing is balanced, nothing is durable. Nothing remains in its current state - each moment brings change. The goal of trading is to discover regularities within this perpetual change. Markets are chaotic systems and therefore fractal in nature (they are self-similar at various orders of magnitude, by any measure -- price, volume, time). Market conditions that you may be waiting for will probably not be significantly different next hour or next week or next year. Only the scale of the change may be different.

The Religion - Let go of the false ideas of what makes the market tick and simply respond as the commodity market unfolds. Create your own reality. Make the universe your own creation and harness any regularity that is there to your own uses. There is more to trading than technique. Move beyond technical mastery to touch the very soul of your craft. Perceive and merge with the very essence of what makes your calling an "art." Develop a sense of energy relationships. Energy absorbs the patterns of things and builds with those patterns. Your subconscious energy will connect to an energy within the universe that is larger than your own energy. Operate from a plane of existence that is attuned to a harmonious flow within the universe. When you are aligned properly, you will feel yourself flowing with the universe. You will trust in yourself and trust in the universe. Expend your energy on positive ideas, creativity and action. Make your actions match your intentions. If you are going to do something important, the best time to start is right now. Trust in yourself with the awareness that you have everything it takes to win.

The Mind - Success originates in the mind and translates into the material world. The mind must be allowed to act of itself. Quiet down your mind so that answers can arise within the quietness. The best answers come from the silence within. The wisdom you experience comes not from you but from the silence. Keep a clear mind, maintain a softer focus and use less effort and you will automatically access your wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to "see" an answer without having to "think" of an answer. The best way to access your wisdom is to know that it exists and to trust it. Remain in a responsive mode, the most relaxed state of mind. You will see the bigger picture and take things less personally. You will stay flexible and calm so that when an opportunity comes the mind will be open and receptive to abundance and success. Use your conscious mind to give positive orders to your subconscious mind. It will in turn connect to the body and make you strong; it will connect to your feelings and make you confident; it will connect to your intellect and make you think clearly; it will fill you with positive energy.

The Fear - Fear is instinctual and healthy and is simply a fact of life, but it should not be a barrier to success. Fears are only rationalizations for quitting or not getting started. Think of your fears as lazy thoughts that should not be taken seriously and can be dismissed. Admit that your fear is not working to your advantage. Remaining fearful is not safe at all. Make decisions from a place of wisdom rather than a place of fear. Fears that clearly and directly interfere with your dreams are the dream snatchers of your own making. All fearful thoughts are useless and hold you back all of the time. Concentrate exclusively on the present moment and you will avoid fearful thoughts of the past or future. You are not the only one experiencing fear at this moment -- all other traders are also. Push through the fear rather than live with it. Let go of fear and allow success to unfold. You are stronger than your fears and more competent than your worries. You are going to do whatever you are worried about anyway. Trust yourself so that whatever happens you are in a position to handle it. Learn to trust that you will survive, no matter what happens. Be a warrior who consistently faces daily risk with stoic composure and calm.

The Decision - Reduce your strategy to its point of application. Commodity Trading demands the work of this instant. Recognize that there is no real mystery about the market at this moment. If these are the conditions you want now, then trade. If the trade proves wrong later, you can correct it then. Every judgment teeters on the brink of error. Trading is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty. Kiss the old, irrelevant logical systems goodbye. Live and focus in the present moment. Trade with an empty mind. Let the market make your decisions. Act upon what you see, not what you want to see. The here and now is all there is. Allow the truth of the moment to surface, without bias or personal agenda. Act from a place of wisdom and safety. Listen to your inner voice and wisdom and the path to success will be clear. Feel the moves as they are occurring. Trust these feelings and go with them. Be truly one with the market and when you are wrong, correct your mistakes quickly. Listen, feel and respond to the market without hesitation. The spirit and sword must be united as one.

The Trade - Be systematic in your trading; you will feel in control of the process. Aim for performance over the long run. Any single trade, winning or losing, is just part of a bigger process. The system or technique practiced is not as important as implementing it with discipline, consistency and control. Abandon certainty. Strive for excellence, not perfection. Do not be attached to trading outcomes. Attachment creates fear. Belief that everything must work out perfectly creates enormous worry, fear and immobilization. Acceptance of imperfection allows you to not worry, to move on and to stay focused on your purpose.

The End - See yourself as your own worst enemy and as your own best friend. You are the cause of all your experiences. One who is able to change and transform in accord with the market and wrest victory is termed spiritual.

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