Omega Trade-Station Compatible Software has a Series of Great Technical Indicators Which May Also Provide Great Trading Results

Get this unique new Omega TradeStation & SuperCharts compatible software -- Now this great software also works with SuperCharts. It can be used on its own to help you make money "day trading" the S&P index market or other futures markets you may trade, or it may be used as an add-on tool and enhancement combined with our Real Success Video Tape S&P Educational Trading Course . . . a daytrading methodology. Note: You need TradeStation or SuperCharts to run this great software program.

If you have a desire to make money in the commodity futures markets, this unique technical analysis software will benefit you greatly. This powerful TradeStation & SuperCharts compatible software can make the difference between winning or losing money, trading commodities.

Listed below are the many technical indicators built into this amazing software:

The Keltner Band Indicator: This indicator shows the upper Keltner, lower Keltner & mid-Keltner Bands or Keltner Channels. The upper and lower bands consist of blue colored lines and the mid-Keltner band is a dashed blue line.

The Keltner Reversal Bar Indicator: This indicator identifies the upper Keltner band reversal bar down. It has a large magenta color square above the bar. The mid-Keltner band reversal bar down has a small magenta square above the bar. The lower Keltner band reversal band up has a large yellow square under the bar. The mid-Keltner band reversal bar up has a small yellow square under it.

The Minor Swing High Indicator: This indicator consists of a Swing High (pivot) with one bar on the side. The bar is identified by solid yellow points plotted to the right.

The Major Swing High Indicator: This indicator is a Swing High (pivot) and has 3 bars on the side and is identified by solid red points plotted to the right.

The "Easy Way" to Trade Commodities

The Minor Swing Low Indictor: This indicator consists of a Swing Low (pivot) with one bar on the side and is identified by solid light blue points plotted to the right.

The Major Swing Low Indicator: This indicator is a Swing Low (pivot) and has three bars on the side and is identified by solid green points plotted to the right.

Yesterday's and Today's High and Low Indicator:These lines are frequently strong resistance and support areas. There are a total of four plots to it. Today's high & low appear as gray solid lines which move when a new high/low is made. Yesterday's high and low appear as gray color points plotted into today's price action.

Today's Average Price Indicator: This is based on a simple public domain type technical analysis formula. This formula is also known as "Floor Traders Numbers." It's a good support and resistance area as the market has a tendency to get drawn to the average price area. Today's average price is identified as a dark cyan color line plot.

This Week's and Last Week's High and Low Indicators: These indicators are frequently good resistance and support areas. This week's high appears as white color points plotted to right. This week's low appears as magenta points plotted to right. Last week's high is yellow points plotted to right. Last week's low is red points plotted to the right.

Note: A 400-point chart range has been assigned by us to some technical indicators. Some of the lines will not appear on the screen if the price action on your screen is greater than 400-points from the line. You may change this value to a greater value if desired. However, it's recommended you do not change the range value. A larger value will make your chart vertical bars and range get smaller and reduce chart readability.

Amazingly Low-Risk Stop-Loss & Profit Target Levels

Club J Indicator - This indicator will place on the screen bottom from left to right:

Our Real Success omega TradeStation & SuperCharts compatible trading software is perhaps the most comprehensive resistance and support type of trading tool technical analysis software available at any price.

Why guess or work to figure out exactly where important resistance and support areas are located? Let this program do all the work accurately and effortlessly.

All important resistance and support areas will be graphically displayed on your monitors chart. This way you may instantly pinpoint where these significant resistance/support levels are located. You will then know the market is either running into resistance areas or finding support near important identifiable support levels.

You will also be using our proprietary Keltner Band Indicator. Our Keltner Channel plot is perhaps the "best" indicator available for use as a trend retracement tool and also as a great way of graphically defining the trend.

In addition, displayed on you PC's screen will be our amazingly low 60-point stop loss price level, and three trade target levels, Low, Medium and High Volatility Target Prices.

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