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Testimonials regarding System Profitability
from many Trader Clients!

trading with the right tools Dear Dave, First allow me to thank you for all your patience with my ignorance of computers and all the help you have extended me during the last few weeks.

The big news is that of the first 7 trades made using Swing Catcher, I have been profitable in 6 trades. The last trade, and most profitable was in Coffee where I had a net gain of $18,700. Obviously I am delighted with the program and its results

I can honestly say that I have spent more than 3-years looking for a good program and now am satisfied that I have chosen the right one.

Thanks again for all your assistance. - T.W. B. - MD

Dear Mr Green, Having purchased SWING CATCHER I wanted to tell you how really good I find the program to be. It is capable of identifying trends and following them aggressively.

In its aggressive mode it generates multiple signals which are usually successful. It is known that serious money is made by finding a trend and trading it aggressively. SWING CATCHER does do this. As all trading systems it is more profitable in some markets than others, likely the result of the character of the particular markets, their trendiness, volatility, and/or SWING CATCHER's construction. In the currencies and grains it is impossible to best in my experience.

Your work in the area of 3-day groupings coupled with cyclic phasing is, to me, both unique and invaluable.

Personally, I have found the SWING CATCHER stimulating. It has helped me develop clearer insights into the short-term trading of markets. My work has improved.

Your support (spell that PATIENCE) with this busy and marginally computer literate trader has been exemplary. I have heard from people in the Commodity Business that you were very good to deal with and they were right! A.F.H.

Dear Dave, I purchased the Swing Catcher System and was so pleased with it, that I decided to purchase the International Swing Catcher.

Both of the systems have been profitable for me, and consistent. Of all the systems that I have used and been exposed to, the Swing Catchers are undoubtedly the best. The systems do a great job of targeting which merits to trade and then maximizing profits within those markets through well-timed entries and excellent stop management. I never cease to be impressed with how quickly the profits grow while the losses are minimized.

From my experience, it is also rare for such sophisticated software to be so easy to operate and run so flawlessly. Your product support has been quick, responsive and friendly. Brad A.

Dear Dave,

Here's a note to let you know how I've done in my first month of trading using Swing Catcher. My four best trades so far have been $725 in Eurodollars, $900 in the Swiss Franc, $1485 in the Deutschemark and $2912 in the Swiss Franc. My very first trade was a $335 profit in sugar. I'm showing about a $3700 profit in the first 4-weeks of using SC.

Since I started with just a $5000 account I've had to use the conservative mode and only trade selected signals. There were many other signals that provide profitable, but I was unable to take advantage of them because I's trading no more than 3-contracts. I have had some losses, but non over $500.

I'm very pleased with the way things are working so far. I am finding Swing Ctacher System an excellent program to manage my small account and help me make trading decisions. I am impressed with how easy the program is to use, and the manual is excellent for any questions that may arise. I also appreciate all of the help you have given me to get started, since I have never actively worked with computers before. K. D.

Swing Catcher was the first trading program I purchased. My chose of Swing Catcher was a result of researching companies to determine which program had a high audited rate of success, a reasonable price and a criteria that met my needs. As a novice to the marketplace I traded Swing Catcher, but stopped using it as I was involved in other aspects of the learning process of commodity markets. I did leave with a profit I should add. Today aside from my own technical analysis program, I am trading 2 software programs, one of which is Swing Catcher and has a profit of $10,000 plus. Bob W. Atlanta, GA

Note: The CFTC & FTC want you to understand that both position trading & daytrading involve high risk and you can lose significant money, perhaps lose all your money. The Swing Catcher & Real Success trader testimonial letters may not be representative of overall results achieved by its trader clients. Actual trading results achieved can vary widely. Please read this important notice...also read our additional detailed Risk Disclosures accessed via the risk disclosure link on the front-page of the Swing Catcher web-site: Commodities Futures & Options trading has large potential rewards, but also has large potential risk. You must be fully aware of the overall high risks and willing to accept the rsik in order to trade the futures and options markets and aquire our trading products. Please do not trade with money you can not afford to lose, only excess risk capital should be employed for trading. This is neither a solicitation nor offer to buy or sell futures or options. No representations are being made any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed in this website and our client testimonials. Past performance or hypothetical results of trading systems and trading methodologies are not necessarily indicative of future results which can be achieved.

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