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CTCN Affiliate Program For Trader Website Webmasters & Website Owners Only!

First and foremost it's Free!!
Plus, we offer much higher than average Commission Payouts
to our "Primary" Affiliate Member Trading Firms ...
Plus, some Really Great Free Marketing Benefits and also
Ongoing Income Potential 2nd-Tier Commissions!

Unfortunately, our affiliate program after 6-yrs plus of continuous online operation, is non-operational due to technical difficulties and also web-site re-design. We are working on getting it back online soon. Thank you for your patience! Please sign-up for our Free Traders Ezine where we will issue an announcement once our affiliate program is back online.

Assuming you qualify and are approved for program membership, you may be able to join our Free Affiliate Program Today, and start making money by promoting the World's Leading Commodity Futures Membership Club, the CTCN Newsletter, Real Success Home-Study Video-Tape Trading Course, Omega Tradestation Compatible Software and Trading Seminar & Workshops! In addition to monthly cash payments you will also get valuable marketing benefits, including several forms of FREE advertising!

Sorry, our Affiliate Program is not available...

Providing they are structured properly, Associate Programs Can Work for Both Parties! And, CTCN is looking for Affiliate Members! By simply displaying a Banner and/or Text Link for CTCN on a webpage, you'll become our Affiliate Member, and receive lots of ongoing free marketing and also get paid 25% of all resulting sales attributable to your site, based on the area of your site where our link is located.

You will get a number of great free marketing and advertising benefits to promote your products or services and bring lots of quality traffic to your website from both our clients and web-surfers! Regular Affiliates (who only list us on their regular links page) receive lower commissions and reduced benefits but still get a free link and some (but far from all) secondary marketing benefits. Read-on for all the money-making potential details...

Here's how it works and tips & pointers on
what to watch out for with all affiliate reseller programs:

Whenever anyone at your website clicks on our banner (or text link), a Cookie containing your unique Account I.D. tags the user for the next 2-years. If this visitor buys any of our Products or Services at any time within this full two-year time period, we will pay primary associates 25% of the purchase price, for every item ordered. Plus, very importantly for you, perhaps even more so than commissions, assure your ongoing and substantial FREE marketing benefits!

Why 2-years of "cookie tracking"? It's because a guest from your website who browses our site may place an order right-away but quite often he might not order on his first visit. He may come back a number of times over the next few days, weeks or months (or even later!) and buy on perhaps the second, fourth, ninth or even fiftieth website visit, etc. If this happens, you get paid your full commission because your site referred the client initially, whether it was today, yesterday, last week, last month or even last year, it makes no difference!

This is why we track guests originating from your website for two-years, so each time they come back at anytime during this long time period and order any of our products or services, including multiple-orders. This also means each customer is credited to you if he buys once, he buys twice, or multiple times. And every single time you get the commission. This is the power of lifetime income and something rarely done by other affiliate programs who use a cookie only for the initial visit.

For example, is said to have the largest Associate Program but their amazingly successful affiliate program has several huge disadvantages, which most of their associate clients are not aware of. For example, if the linked visitor to buys a book right away (without leaving the site) you will get a commission, though small, typically 6% or less. If your visitor leaves Amazon even for a second, all tracking is lost and you get nothing if he revisits amazon directly.

Plus their very low commission rate means even if you somehow get credit for the sale it's only a token amount of money, especially when you consider their low-payout rate based on the price of a low-priced book and based only on giving credit to you only if he buys right-away! You should be aware, other Associate Programs also do this, including some trading and investment related firms,

This means if the visitor (who originated at your site) looks at the book or product, decides to not buy it now (a common scenario) and then goes back to directly later on (without first going thru your link again - also a common occurrence), be it 45-seconds later, 30-minutes later, the next day or weeks or months sadly receive zero credit, even though the sale came from your link!

You get nothing with that type of program, even though the visitor "originally" heard about the book via a link from you, the sale does not get credited to you. This is a major negative some associate programs are doing and something you should be very aware of when signing up for other programs, including some investment firm associate programs.

Keep in mind late buying is even more common with higher priced products. This is because the visitor frequently will say "Great -- This looks fantastic but I really don't have the money right now to buy it" and he then exits the site. If he later returns to make the purchase (and perhaps a number of future buys) you get no credit with many associate programs, including Amazon's. A huge disadvantage as this later buying occurs quite frequently.

In addition, with and many others, including many of the largest Affiliate Partnership Programs, you need a minimum of $100 (sometimes even more, perhaps $200 or so) before a check will be issued to you. Keep in mind it may take many months or even years before you meet their minimum payout level, especially with the poor combination of a low percentage of referral buyers, low priced products and low commission rates! Not so with the associate program, and we will send a monthly check to you regardless of the amount.

One more great benefit offers, which is likely worth even more to you than potentially high commissions, it's our emphasis on bringing exposure and traffic to your website via all the free marketing and advertising benefits we offer at no cost to our associates! Most reseller associate programs offer little or no real marketing and promotional benefits for their affiliates. Keep on reading for details on all the marketing benefits we offer.

By the way, still another significant negative with many other programs (like is you only can get credit for online orders. Even though most orders are in fact online orders there are still a percentage who prefer to order via telephone, fax or postal mail. When this occurs and the opportunity is present, we go the extra mile to find out how the client heard of us so we can credit you for the referral, something others rarely do.

Even though non-online orders are not a high percentage of orders with most internet-based firms - nevertheless, why lose out on getting credit for some orders (perhaps your most lucrative referral) because an associate program only tracks online orders? With some internet-based website firms, non-online orders can account for about 20% or more of all orders received. though it's closer to 10% with us.

Even if for some odd reason you decide to not join CTCN's Associate Program at this time, for your own benefit, you should query any other Affiliate Links you have on the above referenced issues, especially how long they track site visitors, how automated and sophisticated their tracking software is and if you still get credit attributable to phone, fax or mail orders.

After all, why lose out on commissions attributable to you because of the non-favorable way many Internet Firms track and maintain their Affiliate Programs, many of which are definitely structured in favor of the firm and to your detriment!

One more important thing to watch for is the issue of the quality of your affiliate programs software. Is it fully automated? Does it automatically track all visitors and all orders? Does it automatically keep track of your commissions? Does it track both page-link views plus click-throughs? Can you easily visit your own secure page on the host computer and view your associate statistics in real-time?

Surprisingly, some affiliate programs do not offer this. In fact, some associate programs are not totally automated and their stats are sometimes hand-calculated! It's very important the affiliate firm has it all automated and accurately programmed. It's especially important for you to have the ability to visit their affiliate utility area and view your own statistics 24-hrs a day. Webtrading's Associate program has all these capabilities and even more, all accessible by our associate clients on-line in real-time and at anytime, night or day.

There are significant benefits waiting for you by joining Commodity Traders Club's Affiliate Program! Here are some examples and benefits:

Being an affiliated associate of and Commodity Traders Club can be lucrative for you, and with little effort or work by you. For example, on a sale of a 2-yr CTCN Membership & Subscription you may earn a quick and easy $25. You can earn much more (either $219.25 or $419.25) when the visitor acquires our Real Success Video-Tape Trader Training Course, depending on which package is ordered. Plus, purchase of our Tradestation compatible day trading software you will earn a fast $74.25. On the sale of a 1-yr Newsletter subscription you will make an easy $16.75.

These examples are all based on a 25% Commission rate to you. You will also be paid this rate on all our other products and services, including Personal Training, which can make you an easy $187.50 for EACH month the client is in our 3-month trader training program...that's $562.50 in commissions just for this one transaction.

You could even earn as much as $475.00 if a trader you referred (either personally or via your website link) attends our future Trading Seminars & Workshops! Multiple transactions from the same client earn even more on each and every client order.

Plus, unlike some other well-known associate programs, we have no upper-limit commission cap of any kind! Also, unlike places like (who require a minimum of $100 in commissions earned before a check is issued), we have no minimum commission level before payouts. Checks are sent monthly regardless of how small or large they may be!

"With second-tier commissions, you'll have the chance to earn even more money when your visitors sign up to be our Affiliate Members.  Every visitor who clicks-thru to our website and signs-up to become an Affiliate Member of their own will be placed in your second tier, which means you'll earn 5% on each sale attributable to their link! That's extra income which you get can with absolutely NO work by you. Note: All affiliates, both primary and regular, qualify for 5%-2nd-Tier Commissions.

As you can imagine, just a few sales made as a result of a banner/text link placed on your website, or your visitor's site, could mean a substantial extra income with no work on your part. It's a "no-brainer"! Hmmm... post a link... get paid. What a concept!

In addition to a monthly commission check we will mail you (mailed during the first week of each month) as our affiliate, you are also eligible to receive the following extremely valuable benefits:

(1) FREE Descriptive Text Link (describing your services) at our - CTCN website, in the appropriate Hot Links Category, which will automatically link to YOUR website.

(2) A FREE ($50 per issue value) Classified Line Ad Listing in CTCN's printed-issues for as long as you are a primary Affiliate Member.

(3) FREE Htm Page on our Server, for Your Link. Plus, FREE Search Engine Submission by us of your link page!

(4) An Opportunity to place an optional Clickable Banner Ad and many other great marketing benefits for more traffic to you, along with your free Text Link. Click-Here for all the details Sponsorship Opportunities

When we put up your link we create (at no cost to you) a frames-page which is a sub-page pointing to your URL. The name we use to identify the link to your website will be your company name, i.e. your-name.htm. We then submit this special page to the Major Search Engines absolutely FREE. This should result in your CTCN Links Page getting listed in the major Search Engines to bring your site even more traffic! By the way, having a separate webpage indexed by the engines which is located on a website other than your own can prove quite valuable in bringing additional hits via an extra listing and ranking.

(5) Plus, an optional Webtrading Search Engine Link is available for free use on your website. It's a unique extra benefit and enhancement to your own website. By participating in our Associates Program it can also add to the value of your own Website! This is because you may add an optional Link on YOUR own website directly to our powerful Traders Search Engine.

There are many money-making potential free benefits to being an associate, in addition to getting a monthly commission check and ongoing extra income, with no effort on your part. All these valuable extra benefits are free to primary affiliates on an ongoing basis assuming we receive a fair number of click-throughs via your website link.

Don't worry about your site perhaps not having high volume. It makes no difference if your site is large or small, popular, lesser known, or relatively obscure. We understand a lower traffic website will have less click-throughs but may also have better quality visitors. This will benefit both of us and is is something overlooked and ignored by many marketing people who seem to be negative toward low traffic websites. Your website's traffic is not a consideration with our affiliate program.

By the way, in addition to more commissions, these extra marketing benefits are a major reason why you should be a Primary Affiliate by placing our Affiliate Program Banner and/or Text Link on one of your Content Pages, or a conspicuous and easy to find place on your site. We ask for placement so our link is easy-to-see and well-located on your site, i.e. not too near the bottom of a sub-page, not buried on a page too many sub-directories below your main page, etc. This way we will get extra visits which can mean significant extra commissions and marketing benefits for you!

The old cyber-days of putting up a web-banner and/or text link, likely on a webpage titled Links or Related Sites, etc., and then having it get lost (and very rarely clicked-on) among many other links displayed on a typical links page, can now be a thing of the cyber-past.

It's much better for both parties for you to display certain potentially profitable (i.e. Affiliate) Links, in an area of your website separate from the free (and of little real value) links area you may already have on your site. For example, primary affiliates normally will place our banner or button, and/or text link on a main content page or important page which many visitors normally access (for maximum exposure), which are usually much more often visited web pages, rather than the page other links you may have posted are on.

This type of arrangement results in much better click-thru rates, far above the typical dismal internet average of less than one-quarter of a percent, and perhaps significant commissions, exposure and other free marketing/advertising to you! It's about time the Internet moves past the old and worn-out related sites linking ways! Finally a new marketing method which can truly "work" and be profitable for both parties!

Primary Affiliates receive all the great benefits listed above and 25% Commissions, including both a Free Expanded Text link description of your website services (either, or both), a Free Classified Line Ad in print CTCN Newsletters, a free htm page on our Server, free search engine submission of the category page, including your htm program file, and optional free use (via their own website link) of our powerful traders search engine. Note: For maximum benefit to you, we strongly recommend you become a Primary Affiliate so you get all the free marketing benefits and promotional opportunities for more traffic and hits for your website, and much greater potential income for you!

Affiliates who post our link on a "regular" links type of webpage(s) are known as Regular Affiliates and get a much lower commission rate of 5% of the purchase price (for every item ordered). In addition, regular affiliates (with our link posted on typically much lower traffic links pages) are only eligible to receive a free text-link of 15-words or less, on the appropriate Hot-Links Page. They do not qualify for both the expanded text link of (which text is for describing the services offered at your website) up to 45-words, free in-print advertising, some other benefits, and our significantly higher 25% commission rate.

Special Note about placement of our link(s). For maximum benefit to you we ask you to locate our banner and/or text link on a well visited webpage(s), on one of your content pages, another important page, your index page, or some other secondary page (preferably no more than one directory down from your main page).

You will be asked during the online registration process to supply us with the URL of a webpage where our link is located. Our procedure is to then visit the URL you gave to verify exactly where our link is located and the type of website you have so we may place you in the correct program, either Primary or Regular Affiliate Classification.

If you decide to simply place our link on your regular links page(s) you will become a Regular Affiliate and enjoy considerably less benefits than is otherwise possible.

As a suggestion, perhaps we could be on a valuable content sub-page containing some brief words about our website. For example, recently the editor of another website said on his separate and well-visited page "CTCN Membership is highly recommended to our clients - check it out!"

Simply complete our brief registration form and the HTML Code for a "The CTCN Affiliate Program" Banner-Ads and Text Links will be sent to you via e-mail within seconds. Plus, you'll have your very own personal, Secured "Administration Page", where you can see real-time statistics on your website's activity, click-thrus, your commissions earned, etc.

Note: The special offer outlined here, including the excellent potential 25% commission rate and free marketing and free advertising benefits, are only valid to trading and investment type of firms, including commodity futures, stock market and options trading websites. And providing you join our own primary affiliate program directly via this website link.

What Type of sites are accepted?If your web-site is not a traders web-site, but possibly an investment or financial site, it's classified as a regular associate, regardless of our link(s) location. Non-trading and non-financial websites are not accepted as affiliates at this time, as we want to concentrate and are primarily interested in relationships with trading related websites only.

Becoming an affiliate member of Commodity Traders Club is simple and it's FREE, for now. You have nothing to lose and plenty of extra income to gain. Be set-up within a few minutes by following the easy directions...

Click-Here for Website Sponsorship Opportunities if you want a Clickable Banner, in addition to your free Text Link. There are many other significant marketing benefits by becoming a Webtrading Sponsor. Click-Here for all the Details & Sponsorship Opportunities

If you do NOT want to join our Free Affiliate Program at this time but want us to promote your site on a paid advertising basis Click-Here for the Details of Advertising in CTCN

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