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Today's Date is a good time to start creating your financial future!

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That's OK if you want to live from week to week and not concerned about your financial future. However, if you want to increase your wealth and have more financial options, action needs to be taken soon or otherwise you could end up like most people further down the track, totally dependant on social security and pension. If money matters is important it's valuable to find a financial service expert and professional advisor.

John's Story

John works in non-profit fund raising as the Marketing Manager for a well known charitable organization the Red Cross who does much charitable work. He is 45-yrs old, single and earns $100k plus a year. He is in the process of paying off a home mortgage loan and that's the only significant long-term debt John has.

John often buys whatever he likes and says he has more than enough money for his lifestyle … or so he believes. And that's a very important point - John thought he had plenty of money to splurge, however had no idea of where his money went. He was at the stage where he wanted to achieve more in his life including taking charge of his financial future.

One of the exercises he was given was to sort all his financial statements - american express and visa credit cards, bank accounts and any cash receipts and list his income and expenditure under specific headings such as: loans, clothing, utilities, food etc. John recorded everything that money was spent on for the past 6-months. He nearly collapsed when he saw how much money he wasted and how much he was over-spending! He was going backwards fast and only realized it by doing this simple exercise.

In the past John hadn't put a high priority on his financial well-being as it was just too hard. Being a marketing manager, his life was busy at work and he also had a time consuming social life. He didn't want to focus on doing something that wasn't exciting like working on his financial future. After all, he had a well-paid job?

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John has now come to his senses and knows his true financial situation. If he lost his job, financially he couldn't afford to be off work for more than a month. He realizes that he is responsible for his future.

The area of achieving financial success thru wealth creation hadn't been of great interest to John in the past. Now that he was undertaking coaching from a financial professional, he was serious about making beneficial changes.

Prior to writing down where his money was going, John was completely closed-minded to any suggestions to read more about how he can accelerate his wealth (or lack of wealth), so we decided to not immediately pursue this with him. His attitude had now changed so he was ready, willing and able to move to the next step.

A professional personal financial advisor helping with sound finance advice seemed quite appropriate as the next move so we referred John to that professional advisor (which link we recommend you also use), who would professionally review the clients overall financial picture.

After detailed analysis of the clients financial situation they recommend specific steps to help them gain better control and improve their financial situation a rapidly as possible.

The reason we decided on that financial professional is because the one we selected took a holistic approach to wealth creation and wealth management. They look at every aspect of the persons financial affairs and provide ongoing education as well as a hand-holding financial advisory service.

We met after his first session and John said he nearly had a heart attack at the meeting. when he realized how much money he had been giving away to IRS. Being in such a high income bracket. He now realized that by making some small changes he could keep more money and have investments that over time would accelerate his financial situation dramatically.

He now had enough knowledge to make financial decisions and take actions that could make him financially independent over the next few years. John couldn't believe how simple it was!

Your Financial Future - Who's Responsibility?

Unfortunately you cannot really leave your financial well-being in the hands of anyone else but yourself, so seek assistance and advice from an expert financial services pro.

Being personally familiar with many financial, commodity futures trading and trading markets trader seminars for financial and traders profit and trader profits from trading success and speaking to wealthy people and to financial service professionals (most of whom are not independently wealthy themselves), and reading many traders books on the subject of trading and wealth creation, we have found you should not rely on any one person to delegate your financial affairs. You need to be pro-active and take control of your own financial well-being.

How to Take Control of Your Financial Future

Get your personal finances in order first: You need to know what you spend, what you earn, how much you owe and how much you own - not in your mind but in writing. What you think your situation is and what is reality, will more than likely be different personal financial wealth scenarios.

If you know where you are right now in your finance situation, you can then seek out appropriate solutions to your specific financial needs, including potential new startup business incubation and new business start-up or expansion opportunities.

How to Get Started

» Speak with a financial service professional or visit financial services professional advice network. Seek optimum ways to set up your personal finance record keeping system.

» Ask a professional financial service expert about various methods you may employ so you too may increase your wealth and net worth.

» Consult with a professional personal financial advisor as soon as possible who can guide you on the best path to monetary success for you and your family!

» Ask a financial service professional personal financial advisor how they have created their personal wealth. Exactly what financial resources do they personally invest in?

» Talk to individuals who are in fact wealthy. Ask them how they accumulated their wealth. Personally question everything to add to your general finance knowledge.

» Read financial market trader books, visit finance, commodities, stock market trading websites, read personal finance magazines and attend financial seminars, including personal investment and trading seminars on wealth creation - the more informed you are the easier it is to make sound financial decisions.

» Don't believe everything you hear, see and read, particularly if the person advising you reaps financial benefits from you accepting their advice.

» Only listen to those who really succeeded financially themselves with obvious personal financial success!

Once you've have done needed financial research (and this can happen in a matter of days, weeks or month, depending on your time and effort) then take action.

Take Financial Action!

Looking after your financial well-being should be a top priority. It's about having choices in your life. Do you really want to work from dawn to dusk to support the lifestyle you and your family have become accustomed to? Wouldn't it be great to go to work because you want to, not because you have to? Trading Tip

If personal financial freedom, financial success and independence is something you desire, you need to take quick action NOW!

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